all 100 hybrid buses on the road by autumn

Thursday 3 June 2021 – 12:39

Rome, Atac: all 100 hybrid buses on the street by autumn

Mottura: savings in both emissions and consumption

Rome, June 3 (askanews) – The first 30 hybrid cars purchased in self-financing by Atac are ready to enter service. This is the first part of the supply of 100 buses which will be completed by the autumn. All the vehicles will be placed in the Portonaccio garage and will serve various lines, including 64, 492 and 490. The new cars were presented during an event in the presence of the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, the city councilor in Movimento, Pietro Calabrese and the Sole Administrator of Atac, Giovanni Mottura. During the event, the last 30 Citymood buses were also presented, which increase the Consip supply activated by the Capitol. “This new supply of hybrid buses is a very significant first step towards sustainable mobility – explains in a note the CEO of Atac, Giovanni Mottura -. These vehicles, in fact, are able to generate savings both in terms of emissions and consumption. The choice of a low environmental impact mobility system, especially in urban areas, must be considered a priority for improving the quality of life of citizens and for safeguarding our future. For Atac it is a strategic choice that will characterize the post-agreed path ”. The new buses, produced by Mercedes, are a Citaro model with a euro 6 diesel engine. These are mild hybrid cars that use supercapacitors for energy recovery, so there are no traction batteries. Thanks to this technology it is estimated a saving in consumption of about 10% compared to a traditional diesel. All buses are 12 meters long, with two doors and equipped with the technical standards used in the company park: AVM system, video surveillance, multimedia monitors, fire protection, LED indicator signs with optimization for the visually impaired, air conditioning, manual platform. They accommodate 26 seated and 86 standing passengers and have a seat for people with motor disabilities.


hybrid buses road autumn

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