Farmacap workers remain without 14th

Thursday 3 June 2021 – 13:52

Rome, trade unions: Farmacap workers remain without 14th

“The new commissioner Marzetti confirms it”

Rome, June 3 (askanews) – “Farmacap workers continue to pay for sins that are not theirs. No fourteenth, there is no money. The new commissioner indicated by the council, Jacopo Marzetti, communicates what was already feared. Seven years of uninterrupted commissioner without giving indications and without clear choices by the administration only produce worsening and distance solutions “. Thus, in a note, the CGIL of Rome and Lazio, the Cisl of Rome Capital Rieti, the Uil of Lazio, together with Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl and Uiltucs Uil.

“Marzetti – continues the note – declares that those responsible must be found but we have already indicated them for months: the mayor Raggi, the commissioner Lemmetti who is in charge of the investee companies, the commissioners who have kept very expensive positions without producing a recovery. Certainly no blame can be attributed to the workers. Pharmacies have continued to represent a very important point of reference for the population in the abandoned suburbs of the institutions and with remote assistance many citizens have received reassurance and comfort, especially in these difficult months of the pandemic ”.

“We need courageous choices and timely projects – according to the trade unions – that remove the specter of sale to individuals and relaunch the company to maintain and improve these services of great social importance. Workers must not be placed in the position of having to choose between receiving the amounts due and being able to honor their financial commitments or making it possible to pay suppliers and, therefore, the continuity of supplies and pharmacy activities. Find the solution who is responsible for it. If the workers do not receive the fourteenth month’s salary on schedule, we will continue the mobilization for the respect of their rights and for the relaunch of Farmacap ”, the unions continue.


Farmacap workers remain #14th

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