The religious turning point of Matteo Salvini-

The religious turning point of Matteo Salvini-
The religious turning point of Matteo Salvini-

Per Matteo Salvini, the beginning of the religious turning point, at least the public one, has a precise date. On February 24, 2018, a few days before the elections that later gave him the government and the Viminale, he closed the campaign in Piazza del Duomo in Milan by drawing a rosary and swearing to “serve my people with honesty and courage, I swear to really apply the Italian Constitution. And I swear to do so by respecting the teachings contained in this sacred Gospel. I swear it, do you swear with me? … ».

Shortly before, he recalled, with Benedetto Croce, why “we cannot but call ourselves Christians”. The Archbishop of Milan, Mario Delpini, he didn’t seem to like it, and asked that “politics be talked about in the rallies.” While Mario Adinolfi, leader of the People of the Family, advised Salvini «before swearing on the Gospel, to read it. Don’t mess with the Gospel and the Rosary. They are not the cruet of the sources of the Po ».

The crib and the battle of Lepanto

In reality, there had already been some sign of the turning point. Especially in the statements in favor of the crib against school structures that no longer carry it out in order not to hurt Islamic children or children of other religions. Later, on 21 December 2019, however, Salvini brought a nativity scene to the Lega congress with which the old Northern League was overcome to launch the League for Salvini premier. Much cited, and for a long time, the battle of Lepanto in the key of Christianity that rejects Islam.

«Brothers and sisters» in Pontida

In the past, the rosary appeared in Salvini’s hands also on June 1, 2018. At the Quirinale, on the occasion of the oath for the first Conte government. A little later, in July 2018, the turning point came in the most unexpected place: Pontida, seat of the classic Northern League rally that recalled the meeting of the free Municipalities to form an alliance against Federico Barbarossa. There too, Salvini exhibited the rosary, and I call those present “brothers and sisters”. Same script also in May 2019. Particularly striking, from the public several waves of protest arose in the name of Pope francesco.

Hundreds of rosaries as a gift

The public display of the rosary produced an unexpected effect. Many traditionalist Catholics began to give to the Northern League leader, as well as Minister of the Interior, first dozens, then hundreds of rosaries. All displayed on a special table in his office at the Viminale. Not only rosaries: there are also many images of Mary, both in the classic image, but in many cases statues even of conspicuous size.


Matteo Salvini still hasn’t gone to Medjugorje. In recent days he announced that it will be the next stage of his pilgrimage. But a Medjugorje rosary he exhibited on March 28 last year, as the pandemic raged. And then, in 2019, he said to Bruno Vespa: «There was a message yesterday from Our Lady of Medjugorje which invited us to recognize people by their gaze. Judging the facts not just by what they say. But from how Conte’s gaze when he spoke of the Mes seemed to me that of a person who is afraid, who does not have a clear conscience and who runs away ».

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