Area B, Area C and paid parking will be back in Milan from 9 June

Area B, Area C and paid parking will be back in Milan from 9 June
Area B, Area C and paid parking will be back in Milan from 9 June

Growing traffic: back to the past. From Wednesday 9 June in Milan Area B will be reactivated, Area C will return to the classic timetables and the parking lots on the blue lines will be paid again after the suspension due to the covid emergency, necessary to avoid overcrowding public transport. The news, in the air for a few days, was confirmed Thursday by the municipality, which spoke of a measure “taken in agreement with the Prefecture at the end of the school year, based on local public transport and city traffic data. “.

So what changes for the circulation of cars? “Starting from 9 June, with the usual weekly hours – Monday-Friday, excluding holidays, from 7.30 to 19.30 -, the cameras of Area B, the limited traffic area with prohibition of access and circulation for the most polluting vehicles, will be reactivated. which coincides with a large part of the territory of the city of Milan “, underlined by Palazzo Marino.

Area B and Area C active, timetables

It will therefore be forbidden to enter diesel vehicles euro 0, 1, 2 and 3, petrol euro 0 and 1 and all vehicles over 12 meters in length. Of the 145 cameras, 55 will “immediately serve as a sanction and the remaining as the pre-exercise period ends”, while “another 43 cameras will be installed and progressively activated during the year”, they anticipated by the municipality.

Back to the past also for Area C, which had already been reactivated at the end of February but with new times and prohibitions starting from 10. From Wednesday 9 June, however, everything as before: Area C for a fee therefore from 7.30 to 19.30 and with access bans for diesel vehicles euro 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 and petrol euro 0 and 1 “.

Blue stripes for a fee

Also turned for the stop. “The parking with the yellow stalls intended for residents will be reserved again. The paid parking, with the blue stalls, will be paid again” and “the control service of the parking ban on the occasion of street cleaning is also restored. “, underlined by Palazzo Marino.

“Specific exceptions will remain in force for people working in the health and social and health sector of the emergency and the suspension of Area B for diesel euro 4 will be maintained until further notice, in line with the measure taken by the Regions of the Po basin”, they insured by the municipality.

Because Area B and Area C become active again

To explain the reason for the choice is the administration itself. “Since the entry of Lombardy into the yellow zone, the data of private traffic in the city have undergone a progressive increase: compared to 2019, the congestion index is 47% higher, while the entrances to Area C of vehicles subject to payment are higher by 37%. Switching on Area B and restoring Area C at the end of the school year will prevent consequences on the level of public transport. With the absence of students, in fact, passengers will decrease in the most critical hours and, thanks to the Pact on timetables of the city promoted by the Prefect and the Mayor of Milan, and signed by all the entrepreneurial, commercial and trade union representatives of the workers, we will continue to avoid the concentration of passengers in the hours of greatest use, between 8 and 9 in the morning ” , have provided by the municipality.

“In addition, in recent weeks, there has been an increase in the use of bicycles and shared vehicles, a phenomenon that eases public transport on the surface and underground, without however aggravating congestion and pollution”, they guaranteed. from Palazzo Marino.

“With the resumption of many activities – the comment of the councilor for mobility, Marco Granelli – the city needs to move in safety and functionality: now that the school year is over, we can reintegrate the measures of traffic management, the protection of districts with parking and crossing traffic, maintaining and reinforcing the commitment to safe and effective public transport, and to an increasing use of sustainable mobility of bicycles and sharing. If citizens who can do so choose to use the bicycle, all those who have no alternative to using the car, as well as surface public transport, service traffic and goods will be able to move better, with benefits on the quality of the air. I thank – he concluded – all the signatories of the Pact on timetables and all those, businesses, workers, citizens, who are differentiating timetables and choosing sustainable mobility ”.

Mascaretti’s attack

“I am opposed to Area B, which represents an unfair prohibition, and to Area C, which represents an unfair tax, useful only to raise money for the Municipality. I had asked that they remain suspended until the declared achievement of herd immunity, instead continues the desire of the council to squeeze Milanese citizens prevails. Many of them will not be able to afford to pay for area C and parking spaces. Not to mention those who, having a low income, cannot afford to change their old car “, declares Andrea Mascaretti Group leader FdI at Palazzo Mario.

“These are useless policies from an environmental point of view, where it would be advisable to create a vast network of columns for electric charging throughout the city and above all to guarantee a power supply from sustainable sources. so. Scooters and electric bicycles use energy produced with coal, oil and even nuclear energy “, concludes Mascaretti.

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