Giro d’italia under 23 2021: stages and route in Emilia Romagna – Sport

Giro d’italia under 23 2021: stages and route in Emilia Romagna – Sport
Giro d’italia under 23 2021: stages and route in Emilia Romagna – Sport

Bologna, 03 June 2021 – The Giro d’Italia (which brought the Bolognese Lorenzo Fortunato so well) has just ended a few days ago, but to dye the peninsula pink again Giro d’Italia for cyclists under 23 organized by the Emilian “Extragiro” team made up of Marco Pavarini’s Communication Clinic and Marco Selleri’s Nuova Ciclistica Placci 2013. From 3 to 12 June the best talents from 14 countries around the world will compete along the 1323.9 km of the Giro crossing Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Trentino, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto made tough by the 8,450 meters of total altitude difference.

After the stop, the Emilian team was able 4 years ago to revive this important competition by giving the possibility to Young people to compete, stand out and seek the leap towards the world of professionalism. A Giro d’Italia that was born in Emilia Romagna where they will take place ben 5 tappe, a sign of the importance that the region is gaining more and more in the world of cycling and important competitions. The passage of the race will involve temporary closures of the roads, providing for traffic diversions.

Giro d’Italia under 23: the route

Stage 1

Thursday 3 June the Cesenatico – Riccione, of 144 km, will open the dances with a wavy fraction in the second part but which should not reserve particular difficulties so as to think that the group sprint could be the end of this first day. In Cesenatico after the rite of the cyclists’ signature sheet, the start will be given from Piazza Andrea Costa at 12.35 along viale Giosuè Carducci, viale delle Nazioni and via Pisciatello to reach km zero. From here, a first flat section will begin touching the junction for Cervia (sp 71bis – 13.00), Cervia salt pans (sp 254 – 13.09), Castiglione di Ravenna (sp3 – 13.17), San Zaccaria (sp. 118 – 13.24), Matellica (sp64 – 13.35), San Martino in Fiume (sp46 – 13.39), San Giorgio (via Montaletto – 13.46), junction for Cervia (sp.33ter – 13.52), Sala di Cesenatico (sp33 – 14.05), Gatteo (sp33 – 14.12 ), Savignano sul Rubicone (sp11 – 2.15pm). From here the road becomes undulating asking the group to cycle towards Borghi (sp11 – 14.26), the Sogliano al Rubicone mountain grand prix (sp11 – 14.35), Ponte Uso (sp13 – 14.42), Masrola (sp13 – 14.48), Camerano (sp13 – 15.00), the flying finish line of Santarcangelo di Romagna (sp49 – 15.11), San Martino dei Mulini (sp49 – 15.15), Cerasolo Ausa (sp49 – 15.26), the Gpm of Monte Olivo (15.32), Pian della Pieve ( sp41 – 15.44), Coriano (sp50 – 15.50), Scacciano (via Grotta – 15.59). The arrival is in Riccione in Viale Milano for 16.06

Stage 2

The June 4th the 2nd stage leads from Riccione to Imola, 138.3 km flat but with 3 teeth in the final. Once in Marzeno, in fact, there is a climb of 1800 meters towards Monte Carla, then the Monticino gpm and the descent towards Riolo Terme where you enter the Imola 2020 World Championships circuit to face the climb to the Cima Gallisterna gpm with peaks at 14% and off to the finish line. The start will be given in Riccione from piazzale Roma at 12.40 and you will go along viale Ceccarini, viale Milano, viale D’Annunzio, viale Angeloni, via Pullè, viale Aosta, viale Alessandria, viale Saluzzo, viale Piemonte to reach km zero. Here the race will officially start at 12.50 and the group will touch Ospedaletto (sp49 – 12.58), Cerasolo (sp49 – 13.02), San Martino dei Mulini (sp49 – 13.16), Santarcangelo di Romagna (ss9 – 13.23), Savignano sul Rubicone (sp11 – 13.31), Gatteo (sp11 – 13.35), Sala di Cesenatico (sp98 – 13.42), Villalta (sp33ter – 13.49), Pisignano (sp32 – 14.04), Casemurate (sp254 – 14.13), Carpinello (sp2 – 14.25), Forlì (via Florence – 14.38), San Varano (via Ossi – 14.42), Villanova (ss9 – 14.51), Faenza (via Batticuccolo – 15.05), Marzeno (sp16 – 15.15), Monte Carla (sp57 – 15.20), Brisighella (sp23 – 15.29) , Monticino (sp23 – 15.34), Riolo Terme (sp306 – 15.47), Cima Gallisterna (sp65 – 15.53), Ca ‘Colombara (via Sabbioni – 15.59) and the arrival in Imola in viale Dante at 16.07.

Stage 3

The racing weekend will see the caravan tackle on Saturday June 5th the circuit of Cesenatico, 132.5 km made complicated by a series of challenging climbs that leave no breath, retracing one of the most famous international kermesse. The stage, in fact, covers in its entirety the average route of the Gran Fondo Nove Colli. Except for the first 26 kilometers and the last 15, the hamlet does not have a single stretch of plain nor a moment of rest, facing a continuous succession of climbs and descents at times with double-digit slopes. The start will be given at 11.55 from Piazza Andrea Costa and after having touched viale Roma, viale Aurelio Saffi, via Giordano Bruno, viale Gino Cecchini, via Cesenatico the official start will be given. The caravan will then pass through Bv. for Cervia (sp7 – 12.11), Svinc. A14 – Cesena (sp140 – 12.20), Pievesestina (sp140 12.30), Capocolle (ss9 – 12.38), Forlimpopoli (sp39 – 12.44), Bertinoro (sp65 – 12.52), gpm of Polenta (via Polenta – 13.00), Fratta Terme (sp99 – 13.10), Meldola (sp48 – 13.17), Bv. for Teodorano (sp48 – 13.25), Piandispino (sp48 – 13.32), San Matteo (sp78 – 13.39), gpm of Pieve di Rivoschio (sp68 – 13.48), Linaro (sp53 – 13.57), gpm of Ciola (sp53 – 14.08), flying finish line in Mercato Saraceno (viale Roma – 14.21), gpm di Barbotto (sp11 – 14.30), Montegelli (sp11 – 14.40), Sogliano al Rubicone (sp11 – 14.51), Borghi (sp11 – 15.02), Montalbano (sp11 – 15.09) , Savignano sul Rubicone (sp33 – 3.16), Gatteo (sp 33 – 3.10 pm), Sala di Cesenatico (sp98 – 3.28 pm) and the arrival in Cesenatico in viale Carducci at 3.40 pm.

Stage 4

Sunday 6th June the hands will compete with a long individual chronometer from Sorbolo Mezzani (Parma) to Guastalla (Reggio Emilia), 25.4 km all in one breath. Completely flat time trial fraction, after just 1 kilometer you will see the road become narrow and winding, you will pass through the Parma Morta Nature Reserve and in Gualtieri you will find the road surface in porphyry mixed with sandstone. The start will be located in via 4 novembre and the first runner will throw himself against the seconds starting at 12.30, calculating about half an hour without breath. The last runner will pass on arrival around 4 pm. To tackle, Mezzano Inferiore (via Argine right Po), Coenzo (sp. 34), Brescello (via Cavallotti and via Panizzi) where the inter-weather survey will be carried out, Santa Croce (via Carrara), Boretto (sp. 62R), Pieve Saliceto (sp. 62R), Gualtieri (Piazza Bentivoglio), Baccanello (sp. 62R), and arrival in Guastalla in via Gonzaga.

Step 5

Monday 7 June the Giro d’Italia under 23 will face the last day of competitions in Emilia Romagna and the show will be truly guaranteed. From Fanano to Sestola, in the Modena area, which is a recent stage arrival in the professional pink race, will be 142.5 km of climbing. A very busy stage, the first 43 kilometers are almost all downhill but from Osteria Vecchia, at km 50, until the arrival of Sestola, there is no longer a single stretch of plain or rest, facing a continuous succession of climbs and descents sometimes with double-digit gradients, on often narrow roads and a very demanding finish. The last 3 km, in fact, have an average gradient of 1.7% but in some sections it reaches up to 17%. After the starting meeting point in Piazza Corsini at 10.40 in Fanano, the caravan will be lined up along via Pedrocchi, via Vittorio Veneto, via C. Gallini, via Porrettana, via Fondovalle reaching the kilometer where the checkered flag will be officially waved. Here the hard work begins knowing the ups and downs of Modena: Il Molino (sp7 – 10.59), Bv. for San Giacomo Maggiore (sp140 – 11.10), Casolare di Sotto (sp140 – 11.18), Osteria Vecchia (ss9 – 11.31), Marano sul Panaro (sp39 – 11.42), Vignola (sp. 65 – 11.51), Marano sul Panaro (via Polenta – 12.02), Osteria Vecchia (sp99 – 12.13), Crocetta (sp48 – 12.22), Coscogno (sp48 – 12.27), the gpm of Sant’Antonio di Pavullo (sp48 – 12.36), Pavullo nel Frignano (sp78 – 12.44), Frassineti (sp68 – 12.59), Ponte di Brandola (sp53 – 13.07), Polinago (sp53 – 13.15), Montecerreto (sp138 – 13.22), Mocogno (sp28 – 13.30), Lama flying finish line in Mocogno (sp11 – 13.37), Gaianello ( sp11 – 13.48), Renno di Sotto (sp11 – 13.55), Ponte del Prugneto (sp11 – 14.05), Castellaro (sp33 – 14.16), the gpm of Poggioraso (sp33 – 14.26 Fanano (sp98 – 14.36), the gpm of Colle Passerino (via Passerino – 14.43) The arrival is in Sestola in viale Carducci at 14.47.

The other stages

At this point, the caravan greets Emilia, and will face the great mountains looking for the absolute master of the pink jersey: the Bonferraro di Sorgà (Vr) – San Pellegrino Terme (Bg) with the ascent of Selvino; the very hard Sondrio (So) – Lanzada-Dam of Campo Moro (So), then the Aprica (SO) – Andalo (TN) with the Tonale Pass, the Cavalese (TN) – Nevegal (BL) and finally the San Vito al Tagliamento (PN) – Castelfranco Veneto (TV)

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