Euro 2020, the new uniform of the Azzurri unleashes irony on the web

Euro 2020, the new uniform of the Azzurri unleashes irony on the web
Euro 2020, the new uniform of the Azzurri unleashes irony on the web

The irony spreads on social networks after the publication of the official photos of the national football team with the new kits. It was not the shirt of the Azzurri, in line with the models of past editions, as well as the elegant suit signed by Giorgio Armani. The “innovative” aspect of the jacket and shirt have whetted the sarcasm and irony of the people of the web, who literally went wild with jokes and comments.

On Friday 11 June at 9 pm the Italian team will take the field against Turkey and will officially kick off the European event. The adventure a Euro 2020 it began for the Azzurri of technical commissioner Roberto Mancini with the participation in the Rai Uno program on June 1st. The players called up and all the technical staff were presented to Blue Night, hosted by Amadeus on Rai Uno. An evening dedicated to sport and lightheartedness where the official uniforms of players and staff of the national team. In addition to the complete shirt and shorts – in the classic white and blue (with darker finishes at the collar and sleeves) signed by the technical sponsor Puma – the elegant uniform was also presented, with which the Azzurri will present themselves at the event. But it was precisely the jacket and trousers suit that unleashed the irony on social networks.

The mandarin collar and the cut of the jacket designed by Giorgio Armani, for Emporio Armani, aroused not a little hilarity on social network. On the official page of the Azzurri on Instagram and Facebook, in fact, users went wild and if someone compared the players to the navy, someone identified them as waiters, cooks and even competitors of the new edition of MasterChef: “They look like chefs, is it a masterchef competition? “,” They look like bellboys from the Four Season Hotel “,” Italian national team in charge of the dining room “. And someone really enjoyed the comments: “One Martini please “,” Where is the restaurant? “,” A coffee at table 15, thank you“. Even one of the well-known faces of the small screen thought about joking, Nicola Savino – conductor of Le Iene – who did not miss the opportunity to be ironic on the eve of the Azzurri’s debut at Euro 2020: “Will you take care of the luggage?“.


Euro uniform Azzurri unleashes irony web

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