Vaccini, Figliuolo asks the Regions for “flexibility for bookings” in view of the holidays-

Vaccini, Figliuolo asks the Regions for “flexibility for bookings” in view of the holidays-
Vaccini, Figliuolo asks the Regions for “flexibility for bookings” in view of the holidays-

Flexible vaccine booking procedures, to avoid the booster happening while on vacation in the summer. To ask the emergency commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo in a circular sent today to the Regions. With the approach of the summer season and the closure of schools, the document states, the commissioner explicitly asks to implement flexible procedures for booking vaccination (in portals, call centers, etc.) that allow citizens to define the vaccination schedule already from choice of date of first dose. The objective is to avoid, as far as possible, that the second administration coincides with the periods of absence from the areas of residence / assistance / domicile. For frail subjects, oncology and with other particular comorbidities, the circular emphasizes, the interval between the administration of vaccines must be regulated by the health authorities or by medical personnel in relation to specific clinical situations.

The adaptation of IT procedures

What is the rationale of the circular? Clearly that of avoiding that citizens see vaccination as a complication for the resumption of a normal life, having to fit the first and second dose in a vacation period or in any case of detachment from the usual work routine. Already during the booking phase it must be possible to find the best date for the recall and make sure that already in that phase it can possibly be moved to another day in the range of 42 days or 4-12 weeks, explains Figliuolo. The Regions are therefore alerted to put in place booking methods that allow citizens a certain freedom of movement, always respecting the timing validated by the Ministry of Health for vaccinations. There is no risk that the campaign will slow down, especially in the next three months, decisive in view of the autumn and the possible resurgence of the virus. You cannot lose precious weeks: if a citizen therefore wants to anticipate the first dose to be able to take the second before leaving, or tries to postpone it to have the possibility of the second dose upon returning, he must be helped and facilitated, not hindered. How? the commissioner himself to explain it: Giving flexibility means that with a toll-free number, or by going online – he added – it is possible to move the date to another day. I believe that it is feasible, in the technical times for adapting the IT systems.

The opening to all age groups, in scattered order

Currently 35,700 doses of the vaccine have been administered. Twenty million doses will arrive in the next few days and from today the go-ahead has been given to administrations for all vaccinable age groups. The regions, therefore, from North to South, in these hours are equipping themselves, albeit in no particular order, to expand vaccinations as much as possible. In Piedmont there were 80 thousand bookings in a few hours. Night of reservations for vaccines between 12 and 15 years in Lombardy, Veneto, Campania, Calabria. More than 120,000 total subscriptions arrived on the Campania Region platform for vaccines from 10 pm last night, when access was open to all over 12 years old.

Covid vaccine, things to know

In Veneto there were 250,000 members for the 12-39 age group: Well done guys, they are giving a proof of unique civilization, commented the president of the Region Luca Zaia. 29,831 people belonging to the 16-39 age group have booked for the anti-Covid vaccination in Friuli Venezia Giulia since this morning. Also in Abruzzo it was decided to open to everyone, from 12 years onwards: at first it was expected from 16. But not all regions are aligned: in Trentino from this evening people aged between 45 and 49 will be able to book their vaccination. And also Tuscany, announces president Eugenio Giani, continues with the order we have given ourselves: we want to avoid the feeling that the number of vaccine points and the number of vaccines suddenly multiplied overnight. There is an increase in vaccines but we must avoid chaos as some images on television have already shown. Even in Lazio we go against the tide.

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