Genoa, the mother is in the hospital: the carabiniere is hosting her children at home

03 June 2021 12:58

The protagonist is from Palermo and has been working off-site for about 20 years: for the Arma he is “one of the five best station commanders in Italy of 2020”. For him there is also the proposal for the Knighthood of the Republic

The story dates back to March 2020, to tell it is the agency Say: the woman is taken to the hospital in the middle of the night, the doctors report the presence of the children (brother and sister) and at that point the commander of the carabinieri station decides to welcome them under his own roof while waiting for their mother’s conditions to improve. It took a week for the mother to be re-established and discharged: seven days in which a bond is created between the two young guests and Latino’s family that still lasts today.

“A gesture that denotes great sensitivity – comments Lieutenant Colonel Angelo Gerardi, commander of the Chiavari Company, on which the Cicagna Station depends -. Viwe are going through a difficult period and the task of the weapon is to be close to the people who suffer “.


Genoa mother hospital carabiniere hosting children home

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