Milan Monza Brianza Lodi: manufacturing ready to leave again

Milan Monza Brianza Lodi: manufacturing ready to leave again
Milan Monza Brianza Lodi: manufacturing ready to leave again

The Milan Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce and Unioncamere Lombardia investigated the consequences of the pandemic and the reaction strategies adopted by companies as part of the quarterly monitoring activities of manufacturing, one year after the start of the health emergency. The interviews were carried out in the first half of April 2021, when the companies found themselves in the red and orange zone.

In manufacturing, the prevailing criticalities are linked to problems with customers and orders (problem reported by 32.4% of industrial companies in Milan, 28.6% in Monza Brianza, 25% in Lodi. In Lodi the most important figure. are the problems of procurement / organization with 29.5%, which for Milan and Monza Brianza are respectively 22.8% and 26.4%. With the recovery of world demand, difficulties in finding materials and significant increases in the cost of materials are also emerging. raw materials and semi-finished products. From the declarations of the entrepreneurs a difficult situation emerges even if the percentage that declares to have no problem is quite high (16.2% for Milan, 14.3% for Monza and Brianza, even higher with 22.7% for Lodi.

The companies that declare that they have suffered losses that are difficult to recover are 10.1% for Milan, 14.3% for Monza Brianza, 9.1% for Lodi.

In this difficult period, companies made extensive use of social safety nets: 37.3% for Milan, 29.3% for Monza Brianza, 27.3% for Lodi, declaring that they have recently used the redundancy fund. This tool made it possible to limit the use of measures with more negative impacts on employment such as the reduction of the workforce and the non-renewal of expiring contracts. In Industry, 26.3% of the companies in Milan, 32.1% in Monza Brianza, 36.4% in Lodi declared that they had no repercussions or had increased the workforce, with companies in expansion (22 , 8% in Milan, 20% in Monza Brianza, 18.2% in Lodi).

The data on smart working is interesting: over half of the companies adopted it during the pandemic in the industry (62.1% in Milan, 59% in Monza Brianza and 55% in Lodi). However, not all companies seem willing to make this way of working structural: 52% in Milan, 64.6% in Monza Brianza, 54.2% in Lodi are not.


Milan Monza Brianza Lodi manufacturing ready leave

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