Bettini: “Yes to the referendum on justice by Radicali and Lega”

Bettini: “Yes to the referendum on justice by Radicali and Lega”
Bettini: “Yes to the referendum on justice by Radicali and Lega”

Pierpaolo ScavuzzoPierpaolo Scavuzzo / AGF

Rome 18/09/2015, national assembly of the PD component ‘Democratic Field’. In the photo Goffredo Bettini

“I cannot remain indifferent to the referendum questions promoted by the Radical Party on the issue of justice”. Thus the exponent of the Democratic Party Goffredo Bettini in a letter to the sheet. “If they are the occasion for an open, frank and responsible debate and if they can have the effect of pushing forward legislation that has proved slow in past years, they must be considered with great attention and courage”.

“On the merits: the referendum question about the separation of careers is acceptable; the one on pre-trial detention also; as well as the fourth question concerning the repeal of the Severino law. And again I agree with the one about the collection of signatures of magistrates for domestic elections; on the sixth question which has as its object the indication of lay members in the judicial councils, there is already a proposal from the Democratic Party to the Lattanzi commission that goes in the right direction. Finally, the first question on the civil liability of judges raises a problem that exists. However, the proposed solution appears to be disruptive, as it may not make the exercise of the judicial function of the judge serene, knowing that he can be called to respond directly on a civil level for any error “.

Bettini continues: “I do not think it is right at all for this issue to be a bit hairily contested only by the populist right, such as the Lega. who loved to exhibit the noose in parliamentary halls “.

“Let us therefore open up a serious and determined confrontation”, concludes the exponent dem.


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