it will be on 21 and 22 June

it will be on 21 and 22 June
it will be on 21 and 22 June

L’Amazon Prime Day, the discount window practiced by the e-commerce giant Amazon on numerous of the products that can be purchased on its portal, finally has its official dates also for 2021: it is of 21 and 22 June, during which Amazon Prime customers will be able to choose from a catalog of more than 2 million products at temporarily reduced prices. The initiative has been communicated by the company and will start at midnight and one minute on the 21st and end after 23:59 the following day, for a total of 48 ore.

The history of Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day has now become a sort of custom for the group: Amazon has been organizing it since its Prime subscription for fast deliveries was still used by a minimal percentage of people, and was used precisely to convince a greater number of users. to subscribe. Prime subscribers only they can in fact take advantage of the discounts offered during Prime Day, and to do so they can subscribe to a free trial period of a few days which then – unless canceled – turns into an annual subscription. The day began as a celebration of Amazon’s fifteenth anniversary and as a means of highlighting the benefits of its Prime membership, but the discounts offered and the word of mouth which ensued year after year have led the anniversary to be more and more waiting from customers looking for business. The result is that in this parenthesis, Amazon has always made profits in exponential growth, which last year exceeded the quota for the first time. 10 billion dollars.

How Amazon Prime Day 2021 works

As usual, during Prime Day the Amazon ecommerve portal will be populated with limited time offers. Some will be available for the duration of the initiative, while some will remain online only for a fraction of the time, or will appear several hours after the beginning of June 21st. Those looking for discounts can already look at the portal now and find some offers in different categories; among the most interesting proposals that do not strictly concern the products on sale there are four months of Amazon Music Unlimited (to be canceled later if you do not wish to confirm your subscription) and a 20 percent discount plus a 15 euro voucher for all those who confirm their subscription to the audiobook service Audible.

The push for small businesses

Finally, before Prime Day it will be possible to take advantage of another initiative designed to promote work on the portal of small and medium-sized enterprises. From Monday 7 to Sunday 20 June all those who spend at least 10 euros in products and brands supported by showcases such as Amazon Made in Italy, Handmade and Launchpad, will receive a 10 euro voucher to spend on Prime Day.



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