Saman’s cousin extradited to Italy but he defends himself: “I’m innocent”

Saman’s cousin extradited to Italy but he defends himself: “I’m innocent”
Saman’s cousin extradited to Italy but he defends himself: “I’m innocent”

NOVELLARA. Denies any involvement in the 18-year-old cousin’s affair Samam Abbas and he nevertheless accepted to be handed over to Italian justice. It is the result of the judicial passage before the Court of Appeal – yesterday in Nimes, France – concerning the 29-year-old Pakistani Ikram Ijaz, stuck on a bus last Saturday while trying (with documents not in order) to reach Barcelona. The extradition is then authorized within ten days, which coincides with the request of the prosecutor Laura Galli (holder of the file) who suspects a role of his cousin in the killing of Samam.

Police in Nimes, France with 29-year-old Ikram Ijaz, cousin Saman

The young Pakistani pleads innocent, as explained by the lawyer (the lawyer Julie-Gaelle Bruyère) to the French online newspaper GoalGard after the hearing: «He came to France a few weeks ago to find a better job and a better life. Then he learned of the death of a member of his family, but my client says he has nothing to do with this death ». Against Ijaz, however, some aspects of this dark history are not secondary. He appears in the video (together with the girl’s uncle and another cousin) on the evening of April 29 which is recorded by the security cameras of the farm “Le Valli”: the trio appears armed with shovels, crowbar, a non identified as well as a bucket and a blue bag.

They head towards the fields and will be filmed on their return two hours later: for the investigators it is the preparation of a burial in view of the crime that will take place a few hours later. Then the hasty flight abroad which certainly does not prove in his favor. And to all this must be added the words of Saman’s 16-year-old brother who has already been heard – at least in summary information, therefore without the presence of a lawyer – and must have given valuable information on what happened to his sister given the detailed reconstruction (with precise roles) on which the magistrate relies to frame what cold legal terminology indicates as kidnapping, aggravated murder and corpse concealment.

Missing girl in Novellara, the carabinieri look for the body in the canals and ditches

And it is no coincidence that prosecutor Galli has already requested an evidentiary incident to “crystallize” this story and thus use it in trial. The 16-year-old son is the last to leave the Novellarese home, because it is he who tells the owner of the farm (Ivan Bartoli) and on 5 May to the carabinieri as well as to the social services that parents and sister “left”. That day on the farm there are still the minor but also the three of the video (ie the 33-year-old uncle Danish Hasnain, Ikram Ijaz and another cousin, all employees of the farm). But they disappear quickly, also putting in difficulty the activity linked to watermelons which is in a very busy period.

However, the 16-year-old is tracked down outside the province and – given his age – the Juvenile Prosecutor of Bologna is dealing with him. At the records, he is under investigation for private violence against his sister and presumably it is the related criminal case opened last year when Saman left home and reported his parents for complicity in coercion or induction into the marriage of their daughter. . The brother is currently in a secret location, to protect him from possible vendettas. It also has a ban on expatriation. But apparently he knows several things, which have converged in the precise reconstruction of the investigators. In the night between April 30 and May 1, the climate is very tense in the Abbas family, because the 18-year-old refuses to marry her cousin in Pakistan and to prevent her from leaving home as in October, the trap is triggered. The parents “induce” their daughter to follow them into the nearby field where her uncle immobilizes her and then kills her, hiding her body.

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