Covid, all the dates of the passage in the white zone region by region

Covid, all the dates of the passage in the white zone region by region
Covid, all the dates of the passage in the white zone region by region

Italy is preparing to become whole white zone by the end of June, except for the Valle d’Osta (which apparently will wait a little longer for the color change). In each region, however, they have been established and identified different dates for the transition to the lower risk bracket and the official farewell to the restrictions of the yellow zone. Let’s see what they are.

The first regions that pass to the white zone

Gives Monday 31 May, in the face of the decrease in Covid cases and the minimal increase in new infections, some Italian regions have already passed to the white zone.

They saw a lower risk band assigned to themselves, specifically:

  • Sardinia
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Molise.

In these regions, therefore, the curfew rules no longer apply, all the activities that have remained closed until now in the yellow zone have been opened to the public and the limits for travel (outside and inside the municipality) have completely disappeared.

The regions in the white zone from Monday 7 June

To the list of regions in the white zone, provided that the epidemiological situation does not precipitate at any moment, they will add Monday 7 June:

  • Veneto
  • Liguria
  • Abruzzo
  • Umbria.

All 4 have an incidence below 50 weekly cases (limit set for color change and assignment of the lowest risk band). If the infections continue to remain below the threshold even in monitoring on Friday 4 June and for two consecutive weeks, therefore, the transition to the white zone will be official from the following Monday.

The waiting regions, two decisive dates: who passes in the white zone on 14 and 21 June

On the other hand, all the other regions remain pending the assignment of the lowest risk band. Taking into account the data available to us today, most of Italy should move into white zone by 13 June. However, if many territories seem to be closer to reaching this goal, for others the wait remains a little longer.

In particular, there are two decisive dates in this sense, namely 14 and 21 June.

Taking into account the current Rt number, they should pass in the white zone on Monday 14 June:

  • Lazio
  • Lombardy
  • Piedmont
  • Emilia Romagna
  • Puglia
  • and the province of Trento.

The limit of 50 cases per week, in these territories, should continue to register for two consecutive weeks and until Friday 11 June for the farewell to the yellow zone to become official.

Finally, further away from the achievement of the objective, with the planned passage the June 21st, I’m:

  • Campania (with 66 weekly cases currently registered)
  • Calabria (with 61 weekly cases currently recorded)
  • Basilicata (with 62 weekly cases currently recorded)
  • autonomous province of Bolzano (with 59 weekly cases currently recorded)
  • Tuscany (with 59 weekly cases currently registered)
  • Market (with 55 weekly cases currently registered)
  • Sicily (with 53 weekly cases currently recorded)

These regions should reach 50 cases per week by Friday 19, after having remained below the limit for two consecutive weeks. For the Valle d’Aosta, as anticipated above, the times could be longer. With 79 weekly cases currently recorded, bringing the Rt index below the minimum threshold for 15 consecutive days and by June 19 remains a difficult prospect at the moment.

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