Fortune Italia on newsstands: A world without a password

Fortune Italia on newsstands: A world without a password
Fortune Italia on newsstands: A world without a password

The bet that looks at an Italy that has truly changed in 2026 passes through a march in forced stages that requires everyone to understand a passage that does not admit missteps.

BEYOND PHYSIOLOGY litigiousness of Italian politics, to complicate the picture there are the ‘sensitive’ deadlines: the ‘natural’ end of the mandate of the Head of State Sergio Mattarella, with a race for succession that is also linked to the permanence, or not, of Draghi at the Palazzo Chigi; the new round of administrative elections and the consequent campaign climate. In any case, the absolute priority remains not to stop the recovery plan machine.

ONE OF THE MAIN AXES of the entire Piano is digital. For citizens and businesses. We deal with it in this issue starting from the PNRR, with an interview with Undersecretary to Mitd, Assuntela Messina. We then go on to unveil the plans of Microsoft, Cisco and Ntt Ltd. in cybersecurity, with the fascinating prospect of ‘a world without a password’, and those of Nokia, Omron e Oracle in the digitalization of manufacturing companies: connecting intelligences is the intuition that opens up the collaboration necessary to make the factory truly digital.

With nexl, for payments, e Minsait, for the disbursement of credit, we enter the financial sector. Digitization is also the key to innovating the use of purchases, even the most exclusive ones, of mobility in all its forms, and of pharma: the president of Farmindustria, Massimo Scaccabarozzi, draws a scenario of profound innovation.

AN INTERVIEW to the Mexican ambassador to Italy, Carlos García de Alba Zepeda, outlines the role of ‘strategic partner’ of the Central American country. Carla Ruocco, chairman of the bicameral commission of inquiry into the banking system, explains how it works’Podium‘, the new platform available to citizens to report the inefficiencies of credit institutions. An investigation into the costs of charging electric cars brings out the contrast between Bet e Arera, regulatory authority for energy, networks and the environment.

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