“Isola dei Famosi”, last days between confessions and broken friendships

Lying on the beach in the sun, Matteo and Ignazio then listen to a confession from Awed. The young man says that during a live broadcast, after talking with his mother, he received a pan of parmigiana and a double option: share it with the group of Arrivists, or eat it alone. The choice of the castaway was the more selfish of the two, dictated by hunger. After Awed’s secret, Matteo jokes: “After all I’ve done for you” and decides to drag his friend into the water, who keeps telling him how big the pan of food was. Instead Ignatius ironically says: “You are my absolute hero!”.

Valentina and Matteo talk about Andrea and the discussion that the latter had with the shipwrecked woman in the episode. The Roman comedian says that, despite the disagreements, she would do it all again because Andrea “is a guy who deserves a lot, headstrong and proud like her, but ready to clarify himself with a look. What Valentina lacks are the little attention that Andrea had before. dedicated to them and that now she no longer does. “I would like this friendship that I particularly care to continue outside” she says. According to the shipwrecked woman, Andrea every time pulls up walls that regularly collapse and hopes: “Let’s hope that this time too, he will tear down the wall to reach the final in friendship.


Isola dei Famosi days confessions broken friendships

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