#Safertogheter, from Europe against the coronavirus: Ecuador

#Safertogheter, from Europe against the coronavirus: Ecuador
#Safertogheter, from Europe against the coronavirus: Ecuador

The EU together with its member states and financial institutions (Team Europe) has mobilized over 38.5 billion euros to fight the coronavirus on a global scale. The SaferTogether project, in collaboration with the MYOP photo agency, tells the situation in the countries where the EU is working to guarantee protection, access to care, assistance and humanitarian aid in 5 photographic reports.

In Ecuador, there are an estimated 415,000 Venezuelan migrants and refugees, along with 68,500 refugees from Colombia. When the coronavirus reached Ecuador, emergency departments were forced to reduce staff and services. The closure of the borders has blocked people, including children with no parents to look after. The EU is working with its partners in the country to ensure that the thousands of refugees in the country remain safe.

This reportage was made by Agnès Dherbeys, photographer of the MYOP agency, who visited Casa Isabel, an emergency shelter for migrant children in Quito funded by the EU.
Learn more: https://medium.com/protection-and-aid/safertogether-against-covid-19-offering-protection-and-shelter-for-migrants-in-ecuador-52c4f3f84bac


Safertogheter Europe coronavirus Ecuador

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