Ufo, just deny regardless: the phenomenon exists and many videos show it

The current year will probably be remembered (pandemic aside) for the fall of the stigma on the reality of UFOs and its acceptance as a real, technological phenomenon of unknown origin. In fact, a record increase for the publication of articles in newspapers and reports on the main television networks where the UFO or UAP theme is presented in an aseptic way, where a considerable documentary effort stands out.

Recently reports have been presented with news or videos of UFOs, released by UsNavy or the Ministry of Defense. Susan Gould, spokesman for the Ministry, confirms the authenticity of the videos taken by the pilots of the UsNavy with the most sophisticated optronic tools that the US has, while our followers of denial, argue – like the flat-earthers – that the videos and documents are fake, defective or bad interpreted. We are therefore witnessing an alignment of positions as a method of research between skeptics and flat-earthers: in front of official documents, it denies regardless.

Yet these “mysterious” objects have the same characteristics as those that flew over the skies of the 1950s Capitol Hill in Washington or appeared during the largest NATO air and naval exercise called Mainbrace, which took place on 19 September 1952 with 80,000 men, 200 naval units, 1,000 aircraft and where a “flying saucer” (the term UFO had not yet been adopted) penetrated the deployment, darting with stunts that not even the latest F22 or Sukhoi SU57 fighters, could make a mockery of the massive deployment.

These events were reported by the newspapers of the time and show how our denial researchers study the sources … or are really informed of the real events that occurred. We are thus witnessing the nemesis of Schopenhauer’s law of truth, which passes through three steps: it is ridiculed, it is opposed, it is accepted as obvious.

Today the reality and existence of the UFO / Uap phenomenon is also accepted by circles that have always derided or denied such hypotheses and studies. Change that emerges even in the recent documents published on the sites of Inaf (2020, the year of UFOs) and ESA (ESA – Mexican UFOs and life in the universe) and Asi, where there is a change in attitude towards this uncomfortable and insidious theme.

Meanwhile, the individual researchers who for years have collected documentation, carried out investigations, also collaborated institutionally, have given rise to a worldwide structure composed of scientists researchers from 27 countries on 5 continents: the Icer, International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research, an organization whose purpose is to spread awareness of the reality of the UFO phenomenon and its very probable extraterrestrial origin.

Today the debate has in fact shifted to the nature of Uap / UFOs, that is whether the “phenomenon” is terrestrial or non-human, also awaiting the final document drawn up by the various US intelligence agencies that they will have to present to the Senate by 25 June.

In fact, the stigma on the possible non-terrestrial reality remains / still, although the now numerous data, present effects and evidence that are not compatible with our technologies, presenting intelligent behaviors interacting with the pilots of civil and military aircraft. Such behaviors would not be compatible with secret aircraft, showing and revealing new types of operational capabilities to the opponent. Therefore, if as always stated – from the American President Truman in 1952 to the manager of the AATIP Elizondo project – and after the diffusion of “certified authentic” films by the Pentagon, by UsNavy and by the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Susan Gould, no nation on Earth has the tools to build such objects. The obvious conclusion is that the phenomenon is of extraterrestrial origin.

A video of an object was even presented “transmediale” that is, it has the ability to fly in space, in the atmosphere and entering the water, without a sonic boom, a “splash” effect in the water and with a flying capacity that is not compatible with us (700G). On the contrary, we would not only have gone to Mars, but we would have already colonized our solar system and perhaps gone beyond.

The research goes on in the hope of a new attitude on the UFO / Uap phenomenon because, as the philosopher Heraclitus declined, “you will never find the truth if you are not willing to accept even what you do not expect”.

Have a good wait.

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