“Advanced studies on the mix of serums seem to give an excellent answer” – Libero Quotidiano

“Advanced studies on the mix of serums seem to give an excellent answer” – Libero Quotidiano
“Advanced studies on the mix of serums seem to give an excellent answer” – Libero Quotidiano

The idea of mixing anti-Covid vaccines it is now more than just a guess. According to the extraordinary Commissioner, the general Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, “there are advanced studies on the second heterologous dose, ie doing the first dose with AstraZeneca and the second with Pfizer or Modern “ and “they seem to give a very good answer”. So a Elixir on Rai 3, where he added “I have just signed a letter for all the Regions to say to find solutions of maximum flexibility for bookings, I am thinking of the younger classes who will move in the summer months”.

“Already during the booking phase it must be possible to find the best date for the recall and ensure, with flexibility, that already in that phase it can be moved to another day. in the range of 42 days or 4-12 weeks. It is feasible, it will take the technical times to adapt the information systems on which the structure is ready to lend a hand “, explained the logistic commander of the Italian Army.” Right now, with regard to the over 60, 2 million and one hundred and seventy thousand missing, there are still many. A good job has been done and we still have to go up in the percentages “, Figliuolo comments confidently.

The goal is to convince the most skeptical people about the vaccine: “We have to think about those people who are hesitant or not educated from an IT point of view. I told the regions to look for them, both through their mobile and defense teams: among the latter there are 44, which are operating with a specific mandate to go and look for the frail and over 60 “. And on the departure of vaccinations at the age group between 12 and 15 years, he says: “It is important, even if it is not compulsory it is highly recommended. opening of schools. It is necessary to secure the children but also the very young, maturing, 18 and 25 year olds, who are then those who have more social contacts, we must thus block the variants to ensure that we remain safe in October “, concludes Figliuolo.

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Advanced studies mix serums give excellent answer Libero Quotidiano

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