Here is the new king of Rome: the Pandolce

Here is the new king of Rome: the Pandolce
Here is the new king of Rome: the Pandolce

A leavened product born from the brilliant mind and skilled hands of Andrea Bassetti, who has succeeded where many master bakers have always failed: to create a tasty and full-bodied leavened product but soft as a cloud.

The new Pandolce store, which replaces the old store in via Flaminia, will open its doors on June 4th 2021 in via Cavriglia 40, tax meadows area, one step away from the Salaria exit of the EAST ring road in Rome.

The new Bakery Bar Pandolce insists on an area of ​​over 150 square meters, with lab on sight and a splendid one dehor exterior surrounded by greenery and flowers, which can accommodate up to 50 people seated at the table.

The day at Pandolce is marked by an alternation of sweet / savory combinations, able to satisfy the tastes of all palates, even the most demanding ones!

In the morning the Pandolce is filled with the typical creams of the Italian tradition: custard, Nutella, pistachio, ricotta, caramel and others, while for lunch and as an aperitif it is made with salty ingredients suitable for a light as well as tasty snack.

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Among the sandwiches “gourmet selection“, Suitable to replace a complete meal, some combinations stand out not to be missed:

  • Guinea fowl breast, home made honey mustard and mint-flavored marinated carrots
  • Sauris PGI raw ham, onion and parmesan pate, julienne celery
  • Creamed cod, cruschi peppers, toasted pine nuts and Taggiasca olives
  • Nodini with cream, crunchy pumpkin and saffron

While available all day and served as appetizers at the aperitif, we find stuffed with savory creams among which you can taste:

  • Olive cream
  • Artichoke and mint cream
  • Cream of tomatoes and capers
  • Carbonara cream and crispy bacon and many others.

A coffee bar first level and a selected wine list, alongside the Pandolce throughout the day, up to theappetizer, where bottles of spritz are offered “home made”To be enjoyed in the company of friends pampered by the staff of the Pandolce Bakey Bar.

Mark this date on your calendar: June 4th 2021. Don’t miss theinauguration of this temple of taste!

Reservations and Delivery (also Whatsapp): tel. 393.4602214

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