Many fake coins in circulation: the tricks to recognize them

Many fake coins in circulation: the tricks to recognize them
Many fake coins in circulation: the tricks to recognize them

Coin alarm, how to recognize them, how to understand if it is a real reproduction. Our advice.

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Not everyone knows how to recognize one currency false from a true one. The truth is that it has probably never happened to us to imagine a fake coin in our hands. This is because those who manufacture counterfeit coins certainly pay close attention to the details of what immediately stands out. The secret is not to give the slightest impression of possible fake in the first few seconds. That’s where it all happens. If the coin or even the banknote arrives in the hands of the victim, the game is almost always done.

I details they can even be irrelevant and not perceptible so on the fly, perhaps imagining a transaction, the passage of money from one hand to another, perhaps for change. Money stored in your pocket or in a purse and nobody notices anything. Small smudges of minting can certainly be observed, but always if you pay attention to both surfaces of the coin. In a careful, firm way, in short, outside the dynamics described above.

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There are many fake coins in circulation: the case of the 2 euro coin

The most common trick to recognize fake coins remains the use of the good old magnet. The metal of the currency false, it will practically not stick to the magnet. But this is a trick more for traders, for those who have time to verify, in short, the real consistency of a coin. Another interesting trick is the weight. Just weigh a coin eg from 2 euro, an original and remember its weight. The fakes generally weigh much less.

The coin from 2 euro, in fact, it is one of the most widespread on the fake market. Even them you have to be very careful because the counterfeiters are very careful not to get caught up in superficiality. Attention to detail, consistency and so on. All in order not to leave any doubt on the part of the intended victim.

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In case we had to find us in possession of counterfeit coins, because victims of a beautiful and good scam, we can, in any case at a bank counter and report the incident. In that case it will go to withdrawal of counterfeit currency from the market. A phenomenon that therefore does not cease to claim victims, more and more often unaware.

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