Space: with the Veritas mission, Italy also flies to Venus

Space: with the Veritas mission, Italy also flies to Venus
Space: with the Veritas mission, Italy also flies to Venus

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) – Rome, 03 Jun – Italy also flies to Venus. By 2030, NASA’s Veritas mission (Venus emissivity, radio science, inSAR, topography, and spectroscopy) will leave for Venus to unveil the functioning of the mysterious twin planet of the Earth. The announcement was released by NASA President Bill Nelson who also announced the launch of a second mission, called DAVINCI +, which will start as Veritas with Venus as a target. Both are part of NASA’s Discovery Program. Italy participates in the Veritas mission through a partnership collaboration between the Italian Space Agency and Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which has assigned to our country the responsibility for the development and construction of three on-board instruments: the Idst transponder (Integrated deep space transponder ), necessary to ensure communications and to perform radio science experiments useful for understanding the gravity of the planet, the radiofrequency part of the Visar, useful for studying the morphology of the planet and the phenomena of volcanism, and the Hga antenna ( High-gain antenna). ‘Since Veritas – says Barbara Negri, head of the Italian Space Agency of the Human Flight and Scientific Experimentation Unit – will investigate the geological history of the planet closest to Earth, mapping its surface to study processes such as tectonics or volcanism and given the Italian contribution described above, we can say with certainty that Italy will contribute in a determined way to the main scientific themes of the mission “. This” will be a unique opportunity to study geological activity of the planet and verify if Venus is ‘currently active’, adds Gaetano Di Achille, researcher at the National Institute of Astrophysics, co-investigator of the mission and expert in planetary geology.


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Space Veritas mission Italy flies Venus

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