Case Uggetti, Azzolina at Accordi & Disaccordi (Nove): “It’s okay to apologize for the tone, but I’m still waiting for mea culpa for titles against the Rays”

“What do I think of the apology of Luigi Di Maio to the former mayor of Lodi Simone Uggetti? It’s okay to apologize for the tones, but I’m still waiting for someone to apologize to Virginia Raggi“. Thus the Five Star MP Lucia Azzolina, guest of ‘Agreements & Disagreements’, the political talk led by Luca Sommi e Andrea Scanzi, with the participation of Marco Travaglio, on air every Wednesday all 21.25 its New about the letter published in Il Foglio last Friday. “Apologizing in politics is always a brave act, I believe that Luigi was referring in a particular way have toni – said the former Minister of Education – I myself have never used particularly bright tones, I think that judges should be judges and trials should not be made on television ”. However, according to the Sicilian deputy, “if it covers itself a political role must have the right intransigence with respect to behavior “. “I still wait for an apology to be made, for example, to the same Virginia Raggi not only because she too was quite attacked with respect to her procedural events – he continued – but also with respect to other things. I imagine titles as ‘Virginia Raggi missalina of Rome’ for which no one has yet apologized ”, concluded the former minister.

‘Agreements & Disagreements’ is produced by Loft Productions for Discovery Italia and will be available in live streaming and subsequently on demand on the new streaming service discovery+ as well as on the website, app and smart TV of TVLoft. Nove is visible on Digital Terrestrial channel 9, on Sky Canale 149 and Tivùsat Canale 9.

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