Cashback, it’s happening right now: users in panic

Missing less and less at the end of the first phase of the Cashback. There is news that in the last few hours is worrying many users

A news of the last few hours is scaring users (Pixabay)

Another month and it will officially end first phase of Cashback. An initiative designed to combat tax evasion and give a hand to millions of Italian citizens, it has certainly been much discussed in recent weeks. Between cunning and inflated transactions, the final ranking to get the 1,500 euros extra keep going up.

In the last few hours, there is another piece of news that is frightening many citizens who are still fighting to place themselves among the top 100,000 users by number of transactions. Despite the organizers’ first measures to stop micro operations and make everything more transparent, the quota to get a place in the standings it becomes more and more difficult to reach.

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Cashback, how many transactions it takes to place in the ranking

Here are how many operations it takes to place in the ranking (@Pixabay)

The fever rises from Cashback, now a month or so after the end of the first semester. If you too are among those still fighting for a place in the top 100,000 in the standings by number of transactions, know that the share has been rising visibly in the last few hours. As of today, Thursday 3 June, they need at least 476 operations to hope to get the 1500 euros extra. Doing a quick calculation, they are 3.13 the necessary daily expenses.

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Obviously, a further increase is expected between now and the end of June. The forecasts speak of at least 567 operations to be performed, but it cannot be excluded that the wall of the 600. We remind you that those entitled will receive the Superbonus by the end of August by bank transfer to the indicated IBAN.


Cashback happening users panic

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