Here is who will have 100 euros more in their paycheck

Here is who will have 100 euros more in their paycheck
Here is who will have 100 euros more in their paycheck

Only holders of income from employment and the like are entitled to it, with the exception of pensioners. This is the personal income tax bonus 2021 which amounts to 100 euros per month up to 28 thousand euros of total annual gross income. Between 28 thousand and 35 thousand euros, the bonus, paid in the form of a deduction on income from work, progressively decreases to 80 euros per month. After 35 thousand euros of total income, the bonus drops further and is zeroed when the income reaches 40 thousand euros. The old Renzi bonus has undergone several changes last year. It remained in force until 30 June 2020 and was due for the full amount to the holders of income from employee and similar (excluding pensions) which on an annual basis had a total gross income not exceeding 24,600 euros (and gradually reduced for incomes up to 26,600 euros).

From July 1st, as reported by the Corriere della Sera, 2020 the bonus has been increased to the current 100 euros per month. But how is the income limit calculated? I income of each category (dependent work, self-employment, land income, including those subject to flat tax) with the sole exclusion of the notional income deriving from the main residence and the performance bonuses subject to a substitute tax of 10%. Please note that the bonus is not due to the so-called “incapable”, ie those who have had an income of less than 8 thousand euros during the year. Both the bonus of 100 euros for income up to 28 thousand euros per year and the deduction of 80 euros for income from 28 thousand to 40 thousand euros per year are paid by the employer directly in the pay slip.

People who don’t have a withholding agent as they work for individuals, if they respect the total income limit, they can benefit from bonuses in the tax return (form 730 or Income Pf). The dates to remember for Model 730 are included between May 10, that is the first day on which the pre-filled Model 730 can be viewed, and December 16, deadline for the payment of the IMU balance. The intermediate stages are: June 16 when the Imu 2021 deposit is paid, or June 30 (payment of the taxes resulting from the Pf tax return, the former Unico model). Then, there are those dedicated to the transmission of the model 730 (from May 14 to September 30, for direct sending by the taxpayer or via Caf or professional) or the Income Pf model (by November 30).


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