Auction Fanfani, a piece of Italian Republican history on sale in Rome. But also of the Red Cross.

Auction Fanfani, a piece of Italian Republican history on sale in Rome. But also of the Red Cross.

An event this auction of Bertolami Fineart, scheduled in Rome in Piazza Lovatelli and open, for those wishing to see the works on display, as early as tomorrow 3 June starting at 1.30 onwards, and then again on 4 , on 7, 8 and 9 June. On 11th June at 3 pm, on the other hand, it will be the day of the actual Auction. It would be a pity that this immense estate for sale did not remain the property of the state. Somehow Minister Franceschini buys it.

Only the State honors that will be auctioned are worth a patrimony, honors that President Amintore Fanfani has received as a gift around the world, meeting the rulers of the time as President of the Council and as a representative of Italy, a heritage that belongs to the history of the country and the Republic, and that the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini would do well to acquire before all this is sold and perhaps taken away from Italy. Today all this is officially on sale “to the best buyer”.

Many of these honors at auction are very rare, they are not even found anymore, modern diplomacy no longer uses these “trinkets embellished with gold embroidery from the history of their country”, and the fact that many of these honors auctioned are really very precious you can immediately guess from the auction base price with which they are presented.

From a minimum of 2 or even 3,000 euros initial, honors studded with diamonds and precious stones. In short, important institutional gifts for President Fanfani, well preserved and still perfectly intact in their original splendor. Among the many foreign honors, which is the “core business” of this sort of “Mirabilia”, there are also the Grand Cross of the Italian Republic and the typical honors of our republic, donated to President Fanfani by the various Heads of State who have which succeeded the Quirinale during its stay in Palazzo Chigi or even more simply in the Chamber and the Senate.

We ask ourselves: but how do you auction the Grand Cross of the Italian Republic donated to Fanfani by the Head of State of his time? That it could have been President Gronchi, but also Pertini himself, or even President Cossiga himself.

Officially the Auction bears the name of “Maria Pia and Amintore Fanfani”, but the most beautiful and interesting things are the “personal and private things” of President Fanfani, which have marked his entire life and accompanied him until last day of its existence. For three times Fanfani, we remember him for the youngest, was President of the Senate of the Republic. Five times President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic. But he was also President of the United Nations General Assembly and National Secretary of Christian Democracy from July 16, 1954 to January 31, 1959, after him came Aldo Moro.

University professor, he became Deputy for the DC of the Italian Republic from 25 June 1946 to 4 June 1968, and as such he was also a Member of the Commission for the Constitution (AC), and President of the Special Commission on transfers to Sardinia (I), and finally he was Senator for life from 10 March 1972 to 20 November 1999 (he was 91 years old when he left Palazzo Madama and his home forever. In short, a piece of Republican history.

We have already written it several times and we come back today more convinced than ever: but it would be a great pity that all these so precious trinkets, and these State medals are now lost who knows where, auctioned with the possibility that they are bought in part of the world thanks to internet networks. It is all stuff that should instead be acquired by the state, and placed in a state museum in memory of one of the greatest protagonists of Italian history.

How do you sell the photos of the old DC leader autographed by characters such as George Bush, Pope Paul Sixth, Pope John XXIII, Pope John Paul the Second, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, RAMA X Maha Vajiralongkorn current king of Thailand, Maha Thray Sithu u Thant, Hubert Horatio Humprey, Husayn of Jordan, Philip of Edinburgh, Federica of Hanover, queen consort of Greece, Princes Charles and Camilla of Bourbon – Two Sicilies, Massimo D’Alema, Federico Fellini?

But there are also dozens of caricatures at auction (Segni, Conte Sforza, Merlin, Vanoni, Tremelloni, Taviani, Piccioni, Saragat, Lombardo, Porzio,) and cartoons drawn by President Fanfani himself, passionate about painting since childhood, too here an artistic heritage of no small importance and of great institutional value. But there are also dozens of certificates and parchments of the Italian Red Cross for sale, parchments in the name of Maria Pia Fanfani who was an international testimonial of the Red Cross and the first CRI woman in the world. Even the parchment with which the Minister of Health of the time awards Maria Pia Fanfani the Gold Medal of Italian Health, for the work she did in favor of the Italian Red Cross, is on sale.

But above all there is the famous black helmet of the Italian Red Cross that Maria Pia Fanfani has worn for many years on all the hot fronts of the world and who invariably always used her official photos as ambassador of the Italian Red Cross. Starting price 50/100 euros, let’s imagine that the Italian Red Cross could spend such a sum to keep the historic war beret of Donna Maria Pia in a bulletin board of its building. And then there is the Fanfani painter, a myriad of paintings and canvases designed by President Amintore Fanfani himself and which will be auctioned in the next few days.

But it does not end here, and most likely, due to the great historical interest that this exhibition retains, we will return to the subject in the coming days.

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