“You are pimps”. In the video the attack on Angela Celentano’s parents

“You are pimps”. In the video the attack on Angela Celentano’s parents
“You are pimps”. In the video the attack on Angela Celentano’s parents

A woman against the family of Angela Celentano and the lawyer Luigi Ferrandino. The lawyer was a guest of “Who has seen?“To clarify the statements of a woman who, in a video on social media, launches very precise accusations but which have been denied by the facts.

The woman, a supporter of a Turkish track, made a video in which she replies to social users who had accused her of having no respect for the Celentano family and for its lawyer. “I don’t respect them – says the woman in the video – I’m sorry and I’ll explain why. I can’t respect… let’s start with the lawyer. I cannot respect the lawyer Ferrandino, who may very well have a letterhead that looks like a history specification, but then in the behavior the professional is not there, as this lawyer passes off a document by passing it off as another. He uses the report of the Carabinieri del Ros making it pass as an archiving decree. This happens in 2011 but the dismissal decree arrives in 2013. So the lawyer goes on television and lies”.

Luigi Ferrandino he explained that he has been a lawyer for 30 years and therefore has a professional history that speaks for him, and that he is more annoyed by the fact that the woman “attacks the family by saying a series of nonsense, really huge nonsense“. According to the testimony of the lawyer, this woman refers to a Turkish lead that generated her: she also provided an address, which turned out to be that of a town hall. In the meantime, important searches had been triggered, given that the Naples prosecutor had even interested Interpol.

The woman in the video also opposes the old woman Mexican track, which turned out to be mendacious, but of course after due research. “As for the family – adds the woman – I do not respect their behavior, because these people, even knowing that the Mexican track was a groundless track, they kept it in place for 7 years, fooling everyone, even you who write to me that I do not respect these parents, even you have been duped and say these things to me here? You are pimps!”.

Angela Celentano disappeared on August 10, 1996, at the age of 3, during a trip with her family on the Monte Faito. The family still continues to look for her and sometimes there have been reports from all over the world. Like that of an alleged one Celeste Ruiz, a Mexican girl: it was discovered that a man had stolen the photo of a twenty-year-old, inventing her name and passing her off as Angela, and that the young woman in the photo, now an adult, was completely unrelated to the story. But there had been emails and phone calls that had rekindled hopes in the family, so there was something tangible to research.

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