Substitutions, extension of Covid teaching contracts for state exams. How to proceed

From Tuesday 1 June the schools were able to start the ballot operations. In advance of previous years due to ministerial ordinance no. 159 of May 17, which provided for the possibility of completing the scrutinies by the end of the lessons. Not a single date for everyone: school calendars approved by the regions are followed.

The end of the lessons coincides this year with another deadline: the Covid personnel contracts, the additional staff hired for extraordinary needs related to the health emergency.

State exams, eighth grade and, from June 16, high school exams are also held in June, both in the presence of a strict safety protocol signed by trade unions and the Ministry of Education.

Some schools may still need Covid teachers both for the conduct of the ballots (if it is not possible to conclude the operations by the end of the lessons), and for the state exams. For some teachers, attendance at exams is particularly important, such as those of Italian in secondary schools.

We therefore need an extension of the contracts. The USSR for Lazio, with a note dated May 27, provided information on the matter. Even if the note is not national, the indication could in any case be useful for other secretariats that should ask themselves the problem.


In the event that the teachers concerned are present at the school by virtue of a contract stipulated pursuant to article 231-
bis of the decree-law n. 34 of 2020 (Covid staff), given the terms set out in paragraphs 2 and 3* of the same article, a new “short replacement” employment contract of the “N19” type must be stipulated without selecting the “article 231-bis” option.

*2. For the implementation of the measures referred to in paragraph 1 of this article, the resources of the fund referred to are used
Article 235, to be divided among the regional school offices by decree of the Minister of Education, in agreement with the Minister
economy and finance. The adoption of the aforementioned measures is subject to the aforementioned distribution and takes place within the limits of the same.

3. The Ministry of Education, by 31 May 2021, shall monitor the expenses referred to in paragraph 2 for personnel
teacher and ATA, communicating the relative results to the Ministry of Economy and Finance – Department of Accounting
General of the State, within the following month. Any savings are paid into the state budget and are intended for the improvement of public finance balances.

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