“The virus comes from China. They are obscuring the data “

More than 3200 emails from the US immunologist Anthony Fauci, at the head of the National Institute for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases, have been spread. And many reveal burning truths. Correspondence between the scientist and former colleagues, old friends, journalists, producers and celebrities was published by BuzzFeed and the Washington Post. They obtained them as a response to a request from Foia (Freedom of Information Act): that is, the right of every citizen to access data and documents held by public administrations. And since Fauci had been working on managing the pandemic during the administration of Donald Trump, these messages could be viewed.

«Virus created in the laboratory in Wuhan and escaped by mistake»: new evidence of manipulation in China

LABORATORY VIRUS – One of the most read messages is the one sent by Dr. Michael Jacobs on September 22, 2020. In the email Jacobs writes to Fauci that he has been following the epidemic closely and that he has learned that the Chinese government is trying to cover up the documents which come from Hubei province. And he says: “We think there is a possibility that the virus was released from a laboratory in China. We also think that the virus could have been formed together with another organism, such as enzymes or fungi, to make it even more contagious ».

NO MASKS – On the usefulness of masks Anthony Fauci writes on February 5, 2020 that they are not effective in avoiding the spread of the virus. In particular, the email states that “the masks bought at the supermarket are not able to protect against the virus, which is small enough to pass through the material”. But he also adds that “they may have” some benefits “such as preventing droplets from sneezing and coughing from reaching their face.

BLACKED DATA – Another of the emails comes from a scientist and reveals how China obscured a lot of data during the pandemic regarding the spread of the Covid. “I’m pretty sure China stopped counting Coronavirus deaths from January 7, 2020,” writes immunologist Anthony Fauci, a physicist who has many of his business in the Rising Sun. And then he adds that his WeChat account, the most used social network in the East, has been blocked and that he is “seriously worried” for this.

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