Ponte Morandi, formerly in Castellucci in 2010, spoke of strengthening tie rods

Here it is what the Yellow Flames write in a report sent to the Prosecutor’s Office. “On November 10, 2010 at 3.30 pm, at the Autostrade per l’Italia headquarters in Rome, via Alberto Bergamini 50, the Works Completion Committee was convened to discuss the agenda on the point” Information on the Polcevera viaduct “.

“And” at the invitation of the managing director Castellucci, Gennarino Tozzi, engineer, took the floor. Tozzi knows the viaduct well, explains that it is a very special infrastructure, it is the only ‘cable-stayed’ work, that is, with the cables of the tie rods embedded in the concrete, therefore invisible from the outside. “He specifies that precisely for this reason, in 1993, on one of the main supports, they had to insert them externally, since the checks on corrosion inside the reinforcement had given disheartening results .

And he declares: “The state of conservation shows structural problems”. Castellucci enters the scene, writes Finance, who points out that “the decisive decision would be to anticipate the structural reinforcement of the stays of the residual balanced systems” (pylons 10 and 9, which were not subject to the improvements made in 1993 ) “.

According to investigators, in short, Castellucci had everything very clear and already in 2010 knew that the Morandi estate was at risk; he himself declared that the preferred way to avoid nefarious progressions was precisely the reinforcement of the tie rods and we could wait at the most for 2012. Castellucci, it is still clear from the minutes, explains that the overall setting up of the work is part of an “accelerated plan “. that is, activities to be carried out “with immediate procedure”.


Ponte Morandi Castellucci spoke strengthening tie rods

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