Denise Pipitone, the new interceptions between Jessica and Anna Corona-

Denise Pipitone, the new interceptions between Jessica and Anna Corona-
Denise Pipitone, the new interceptions between Jessica and Anna Corona-

Denise Pipitone is she alive? And if so, where was it taken after the kidnapping? There are still several points to be resolved to get to the “truth” about what happened to the 4-year-old girl, Denise Pipitone (daughter of Piera Maggio and Pietro Pulizzi, but recognized by Toni Pipitone), who disappeared in Mazara del Vallo, in the province of Trapani, 1 September 2004. Shortly before, the child was playing about twenty meters from the house of her maternal grandmother. Suddenly someone took her away with them. The former prosecutor, Maria Angioni, who followed the early stages of the investigation and who after 17 years returned to talk about the affair, is convinced that “who took Denise wanted to kill her, but someone else prevented him: he saved the child but did not return her to her mother, because this was the pact ». Maria Angioni, judge of the Labor Court in Sassari for 4 years, was prosecutor at the Marsala prosecutor’s office on 1 September 2004. A month after the kidnapping of little Denise, he became the owner of the investigation which he left in July 2005. In recent weeks, the former prosecutor has denounced in various television broadcasts the obstruction, misdirections and threats that marked the investigation activity .

The hypothesis of the investigators on the kidnapping of Denise Pipitone

According to the latest reconstruction of the investigators, Denise was allegedly kidnapped by her half-sister Jessica Pulizzi, also a minor, with the complicity of her mother Anna Corona and her ex-boyfriend Gaspare Ghaleb for “revenge and jealousy because Denise and Jessica Pulizzi are daughters of the same father, Piero Pulizzi”. Jessica was tried and acquitted in three levels of trial, while the position of Anna Corona, investigated in a second line of investigation for kidnapping of a minor, was filed by the investigating judge of Marsala in December 2013 (but has now been re-entered in the register of the suspects for a new investigation started in recent weeks). The woman said that on September 1 she stayed at work in the hotel until 3.30 pm as certified by the attendance register. But a few days ago her friend and colleague Francesca Adamo revealed that she had signed her on behalf of Anna Corona, who had left earlier.

Denise “is alive”

For Angioni there are no doubts: Denise Pipitone “is alive and almost certainly unaware of her past”. In recent years there have been many reports. Already immediately after the disappearance, the trail that led to the world of the Roma was followed. On October 18, 2004, the little girl was spotted in Milan, together with some Roma women, by a security guard, Felice Grieco, who noticed the great similarity and made a video. The last “sighting” took place on March 31 last, when a Russian nurse residing in Val Seriana reported to “Who saw it?” That she noticed a strong resemblance between Piera Maggio (Denise’s mother) and a twenty year old Russian girl participating in a television program, Pust ‘govoryat, broadcast on the first Russian channel Pervyj kanal. The episode of “Who has seen it?” has rekindled the spotlight on the case. In May, the Marsala Public Prosecutor’s Office reopened the investigation.

The dialogue between Jessica Pulizzi and Anna Corona

Where was Jessica Pulizzi the morning Denise Pipitone was kidnapped? He talked about it again during the episode of «Mattino Cinque» on Sunday, making «listen» to new environmental interceptions, ten days after the disappearance of the child, between Jessica Pulizzi and Anna Corona.

Pulizzi had told the investigators that she had stayed at home all that day but in reality the woman had been in six different places. The mother, in calls dating back to 11 September 2004, began to take her back asking for clarification.

Anna: “Did you stay inside that day all morning?”
Jessica: «No».
Anna: “In the morning?”.
Jessica: «No».
Anna: “No? And meanwhile he says so. Didn’t you tell him that you went out and that you were with Alice? “
Jessica: “Yup”.
Anna: «Because it says that everyone here says, that you declared that you were all …».
Jessica: “Nowhere is it written, are they unable to read?”
Anna: “Did you say that you stayed inside all morning?”
Jessica: «No».
Anna: «You say that … you have to answer my questions … Is that right?».
Jessica: “Yup”.
Anna: «He says that you declared twice, both under the command of the carabinieri and under the command of the … He says that a note is written and signed. Which note did you sign? ».
Jessica: «…».
Anna: «Eh! That you have declared that you have been at home all morning, and it says that it is written ‘this thing’.
Jessica: “Don’t read me!”
Anna: “OK’. When I speak you must not lose your temper ».
Jessica: «Uh!».
Anna: “Because I don’t dream of being appointed by the carabinieri, I dream of you.”
Jessica: «A lu understood if I».
Anna: «My head is to go to your sister’s house, you have to be calm, you have to look me in the eyes only and answer. They say, then, they say that you have declared this and it is written. I asked to read the paper and they told me I can’t read him. ‘
Jessica: “Sure!”.

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