that’s when in Milan traffic returns to normal

that’s when in Milan traffic returns to normal
that’s when in Milan traffic returns to normal

Milano – Reactivation of Area B, restoration of normals Area C timetables (7.30-19.30), of the regulated parking in the paid areas (blue stripes) and those reserved for residents (yellow stripes) and the ban on parking for street cleaning. After months of free parking, suspension of Area B and special hours for Area C, from Wednesday 9 June 2021 in Milan, the mobility provisions that had been temporarily suspended as part of the measures aimed at containing the Coronavirus come into force.

Since the entry of Lombardy into the yellow zone, the data of private traffic in Milan have undergone a progressive increase: compared to 2019, the congestion index is 47% higher, while the entrances to Area C of vehicles subject to payment are higher than 37%. With the re-ignition of Area B and the restoration of Area C at the end of the school year, as decided by the Municipality of Milan in agreement with the Prefecture, the goal is to avoid consequences on the level ofl public transport. With the absence of students, in fact, the decrease in passengers in the most critical hours and, thanks to the Pact on the timetables of the city promoted by the Prefect and the Mayor of Milan, and signed by all the entrepreneurial, commercial and trade union representatives of the workers, it is expected to continue to avoid the concentration of passengers in the hours of greatest use , between 8.00 and 9.00 in the morning. In addition, in recent weeks, there has been an increase in the use of the bicycle and of the means in sharing; a phenomenon that eases public transport on the surface and on the underground, without however aggravating congestion and pollution.

Here are all the details on restarting the Area B and restoring Area C, as well as on paid parking on blue stripes e yellow stripes throughout the municipal area of ​​Milan.

Area B: timetables and rules from 9 June 2021

Starting from Wednesday 9 June 2021, with the usual weekly hours (Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 19.30, excluding holidays), the video cameras are reactivated. Area B, the limited traffic zone with a ban on access and circulation for the most polluting vehicles which coincides with a large part of the territory of the city of Milan. IS No entry to diesel vehicles euro 0, 1, 2 and 3, petrol euro 0 and 1 and to all vehicles over 12 meters in length (except those directed to their offices); in line with the provision taken by the regions of the Po basin, Area B remains suspended for diesel euro 4 until further notice. They have therefore been in operation since Wednesday 9 June 145 cameras: of these, 55 immediately for sanctioning purposes and the remaining as the pre-exercise period ends. Another 43 cameras will be installed and progressively activated during the year.

Area C: timetables and rules from 9 June 2021

From Wednesday 9 June 2021 in Milan it will also work normally again Area C , until now active with reduced hours. The cameras are active again, therefore, from 7.30 to 19.30 with paid daily entrance ticket for those who enter the Cerchia dei Bastioni: the daily cost is 5 euro (2 euros for residents in Area C at the 41st entry in the calendar year. Who can enter or not enter Area C? The entry ban concerns vehicles diesel euro 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 and petrol euro 0 and 1).

Goodbye free parking: in Milan parking is paid again

Starting from Wednesday 9 June 2021 in Milan the stop with yellow stalls intended for residents is once again reserved. Same goes for the paid parking with blue stalls, also again a payment (except, where applicable, for those who reside or are domiciled in the respective areas in possession of the pass). The control service for the parking ban on the occasion of the street cleaning.

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