Tragedy of the Mottarone cable car, “test rides with tourists on board” – Chronicle

Tragedy of the Mottarone cable car, “test rides with tourists on board” – Chronicle
Tragedy of the Mottarone cable car, “test rides with tourists on board” – Chronicle

Stresa (Verbania), 3 June 2021 – “Forks seen with passengers on board and land test runs to test safety were done with tourists in the cabin“. Further and even more disturbing details would emerge from the minutes of the interrogations of the operators of the Mottarone cable car precipitated last May 23. A tragedy with 14 victims it’s a only survivor: little Eitan. But the employees also said that this was done because “Tadini wanted it like this” and some also confessed “that they had never attended a training course”. A few minutes ago, the lawyer’s reply also arrived Marcello Perillo, the lawyer of Gabriele Tadini arrived at the Verbania Public Prosecutor’s Office to agree on the modalities of an inspection of the booth. “THE “forks” they have been used for idling or maintenance, but never with people on board. If you see people in the cabin – added the lawyer – according to Tadini they are cable car operators or maintenance workers “.

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The investigation

With the removal of the booth from the site of the disaster and after a summit in the prosecutor’s office yesterday, the maxi-consultancy that will serve to clarify the dynamics of the tragedy has started. New interrogations and most likely other suspects are expected in the investigation. Yesterday, June 2, 2021, the carabinieri continued to collect the testimonies of the cable car staff. These are the operators who, on the orders of the head of service Gabriele Tadini, now under house arrest, in some cases would not have removed the forks that blocked the emergency brake. A deliberate choice to avoid the closure of the entire plant which, however, would be one of the causes of the tragedy. The consequence would be the registration in the register of suspects: a conceivable crime, the participation in the voluntary removal of precautions against accidents. That the forks were not removed is a certainty confirmed by Tadini himself. Meanwhile, the prosecutor Olimpia Bossi is considering whether to appeal to the court of re-examination against the order with the GUP has released the other two suspects, the manager Luigi Nerini and the operating director Enrico Perocchio. Technical investigations are now focused on understanding what really happened on May 23. Furthermore, what was the nature of the breakdown complained of by Tadini? The foreman spoke of a noise characteristic of the loss of pressure coming from the brake system. But the maintainers had found nothing. To respond, an act is required that the code of procedure calls “unrepeatable technical assessment” and which provides guarantee notices to subjects (individuals, companies, public bodies) potentially to be involved so that they in turn choose their trusted experts. It will also be necessary to access the cabin carcass and recover several more fragments. Laborious operations that on Monday will be preceded by a new inspection.

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The movie

A video shot by a passenger of the Stresa-Mottarone cable car broadcast exclusively by the Tgr of Piedmont shows the rescue of the five people who on May 23, the Sunday of the tragedy, were on board the other cabin, the one that was returning to the station of Stresa. The footage shows passengers, including a child, as they lowered to the ground through an opening in the cabin floor and brought to safety with a winch. Cab 4 was stuck near the end stop downstream.

The broken cable

The massive use of the so-called forchettonì during the run of the Mottarone cable car could have discharged an excessive tension on the cable and, therefore, the break at the height of the carriage attachment. It is one of the numerous hypotheses being examined by the consultants of the Verbania prosecutor’s office. The technical checks are rather laborious and will require, among other things, access to the interior of the cabin. A second inspection is scheduled for Monday.

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The forks

It is not unusual for the forks, once disengaged, to remain on the roof of the cabin. The German broadcaster Zdf sent the investigators to have the images made by a Swiss, passionate about cable cars, which show the moving cabins and, clearly visible, the forks. It is still not entirely clear, however, whether they are applied to the emergency brake shoes. “Once removed – explained an employee heard as a witness, ER – the logs (as they are also called among the workers – ed) should be deposited on the ground, but for convenience and custom they are left on the inspection platform on the upper trolley of the cabin and then travel the various routes together with it “.

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