Conte-M5S, the European appointment of Del Re frees up a seat in the Camera-

Conte-M5S, the European appointment of Del Re frees up a seat in the Camera-
Conte-M5S, the European appointment of Del Re frees up a seat in the Camera-

A political domination that starts from Brussels, touches Africa and ends in Rome, with the eventual landing of Giuseppe Conteto the Chamber. A domino that starts in these hours with the first piece of a wider chessboard and that affects both international and Italian politics. The EU Political and Security Committee has appointed Emanuela Del Re EU special representative for the Sahel. The name of the former deputy minister was put forward by Josep Borrell, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, thanks also to the direction of Luigi Di Maio. The head of the Farnesina had Del Re as his deputy at the time of the Giallorossi government and was able to appreciate his interest and competence in some areas of Africa.

Who is Emanuela Del Re

Del Re, 57, has often focused in her work on migration and refugees. Only last November did he remember: “The Sahel countries are crucial for the management of the migratory phenomenon as transit countries for the flows of migrants to Europe “. And he underlined: “Physical, political and human geography make the Sahel the true frontier of Europe”. The role of EU special representative begins on July 1st. Del Re is a member of the Movement, elected in 2018 in the single-member college of Rome Primavalle. At the time it took 39,550 votes, or 1,324 more than the center-right candidate Pasquale Calzetta and almost 12,000 more than Cristina Maltese in the running for the center-left.

Because the appointment represents an opportunity for Conte

The European appointment could have unexpected repercussions in Italy: with the resignation as a member of parliament a seat in Montecitorio would be freed. A mechanism wanted and studied by Di Maio. Why? Because in theory it could unblock the situation of Giuseppe Conte and allow him to enter fully into the parliamentary group of the Five Stars. For the foreign minister it would also be a way to break the rumors that see him as an antagonist to the new pentastellated course of the former premier. At this point, it is no longer a coincidence that some historical members of Conte’s staff at the time of Palazzo Chigi – from Rocco Casalino to Maria Chiara Ricciuti – will be hired at the Montecitorio M5S communication.

The alliance with the Democratic Party

Obviously, however, Conte should be a candidate to run for the supplementary

of autumn: the former prime minister will have to dissolve the reserve quickly. His eventual descent into the field – which many support in the Movement and which seems probable – it would also have a political purpose: strengthen the alliance with the dem at the first electoral test and transform the autumn elections into a more complex framework, capable of going beyond the municipal ones (where, however, the axis falters). Conte’s candidacy in Rome Primavalle could fit into a clearer context with Enrico Letta always candidate for the supplementary in Siena. Pd and Cinque Stelle in these two cases would run together, supporting each other: a test to bring the two leaders to Parliament and cement the pact in view of future commitments.

In Rome Primavalle a possible unitary candidate would start from 53.81% in 2018 (34.06% for the M5S, 19.75% for the dem), but above all it would have a symbolic effect. Almost paradoxical. The election could fall on the day of the challenge for the Capitol between Virginia Raggi and the other candidates (including the winner of the primary): it would be a way of looking beyond divisions to find themselves united (at least in a part of the city) for the future.

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