Bruna Mariotto was well known in the village

Bruna Mariotto was well known in the village
Bruna Mariotto was well known in the village

The tragedy that occurred late yesterday afternoon, Wednesday 2 June, in Lovadina di Spresiano left many citizens of Ponte della Priula, the victim’s birthplace, in dismay and disbelief.

According to the first reconstructions, the woman, fifty-year-old Bruna Mariotto, was going to hang some clothes in the garden of the house, when due to a quarrel with his 80-year-old father-in-law Lino Baseotto, the man would have detonated a shot from his regularly detained shotgun killing the woman, then moving to the nearby tool shed aiming the weapon at his own head and taking his own life.

Bruna Mariotto was well known in the nearby Ponte della Priula, her country of origin and the place where she lived for many years with her family and brother before moving to Lovadina di Spresiano, in via 24 Maggio.

His brother is also very well known in the village because for a long time he was the manager of the local basketball team.

The woman had been taking care of housework for some years while her husband, after having worked for a few years in a supermarket in Ponte della Priula, was now an employee of the construction company Grigolin.

In the last few hours in Ponte della Priula we talk about nothing but the tragic and inexplicable death of Bruna. In fact, many remember her as a woman as a good person and always kind to everyone: “I remember her – explains an acquaintance – because she was always kind and willing to help others, I never expected such a thing”.

“I think it is a terrible end for a person who was really good – explains another citizen – my closeness at the moment goes to the family”.

It was Bruna’s minor daughter who found her lifeless mother at the door of the house: “I think of the daughter, – says another resident of Ponte della Priula – they told me that Bruna was very attached and she, they were always together”.

To give the alarm the neighbor and a passer who, heard a rifle shot and the screams of his daughter, immediately alerted the Carabinieri. The men of the weapon and of the Suem, once they arrived in via 24 Maggio, could not help but ascertain the death of the two.

The commander of the Treviso Carabinieri, Lieutenant Colonel Ermanno Magistris, along with the soldiers of the Spresiano station and the magistrate on duty Daniela Brunetti, were also present at the site of the tragedy.

Throughout the night the investigators listened to the relatives and acquaintances of the victim and it seems that the cause of the tragedy are the disagreements that the two had been carrying on for some time.

(Photo: Msn).

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