night of chaos and accusations against Orange-

night of chaos and accusations against Orange-
night of chaos and accusations against Orange-

PARIS – An error during a routine maintenance of theOrange operator caused the malfunction emergency numbers, Wednesday night in France. Impossible to call ambulances, firefighters and police from landlines in many areas of the country. A situation that has provoked very harsh reactions from the government. The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, and the Secretary of State for Digital, Cédric O, have shortened the official visit to Tunis to return quickly to Paris. “A person with cardiovascular disease has died in Morbihan (in Brittany, ed) because she was unable to call for help in time “, the minister said Thursday morning, adding that two other suspected cases occurred in Réunion,” where citizens in the grip of an illness have tried to call for help many times and not they managed to get answers from the operators ».

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The failure concerned the fixed network servers, for this reason Orange urged citizens to use mobile phones and provisional numbers have been released. Prime Minister Jean Castex, also on a visit to Tunisia, said today “that we need to understand how it was possible and ensure that it does not happen again. I asked for an investigation into the causes, it is a serious malfunction ». The CEO of Orange, Stephane Richard, was summoned to the Ministry of the Interior to give the first explanations. The service is now back to normal. «It is a known problem, the VOIP technology (which allows telephone calls on the Internet, ed) is more fragile and this affects all operators. The systems are more and more evolved but also more complex and delicate and the problems with these technologies are more difficult to identify, ”Stéphane Crozier, president of the CFE-CGC of Orange, told Le Monde. «On the special issues we have made three technologies coexist: mobile, traditional and VOIP. It increases the complexity of something that should be reliable, first of all ». A similar case occurred in Belgium, last January, due to a breakdown of the Proximus operator which caused the emergency numbers to malfunction for one night.

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