From the Campidoglio Carta Spesa Roma, for 50 thousand families

From the Campidoglio Carta Spesa Roma, for 50 thousand families
From the Campidoglio Carta Spesa Roma, for 50 thousand families

The first 26 thousand cards have already been reloaded. The benefit – for individuals and families in difficulty due to the coronavirus emergency – provided through a Poste Pay card

It is dedicated to individuals and families in conditions of hardship caused or aggravated by the Covid-19 emergency Carta Spesa Roma, the economic contribution provided by the Capitoline administration currently being distributed. Interested 50 thousand families identified in the city through the relevant tender procedure financed by national and regional funds for a total amount of 20 million euros. The first 26 thousand cards have already been reloaded, thanks to an agreement between Roma Capitale, Poste Italiane and the affiliated Cafes that have accepted applications at their branches throughout the city.

The amount of the contribution, naturally, it varies according to the composition of the family unit: from a minimum of 200 euros for a single person to a maximum of 600 for a family of 5 or more people. The beneficiaries, according to the Capitol, are receiving a PostePay card at home, on which the contribution is paid in a single solution. The prepaid card can be used in commercial establishments for the purchase of food and basic necessities. Once the sum relating to the economic contribution to the expenditure has been used, the beneficiaries will be able to request the Italian Post Office to enable the card for any type of transaction.

«We continue, as well as we have done during the most difficult months of the emergency, to support people who are in a condition of economic fragility due to the coronavirus – comments Mayor Virginia Raggi -. During the lockdown Roma Capitale was among the first in Italy to start with the opening of questions and distribution of shopping vouchers, to give a quick and efficient response to those in a more critical condition. Now we confirm our commitment in this sense, with an innovative and effective procedure ». Then the thanks to the Capitoline offices “for having systematized the distribution of the contribution, with the involvement of the Italian Post Office and the affiliated Caf.

Satisfaction for having collaborated “for such an important social cause”, in the words of the president of Poste Italiane Maria Bianca Farina. “Poste Italiane – he says – continues to be alongside the institutions and with this initiative confirms once again its historical proximity to the communities and attention to the most fragile and hardest hit by the pandemic.”

Claim the Mass a point of an “effective” mechanism to give “a concrete response to the critical moment that so many citizens are going through” the Capitoline councilor for Person, school and solidarity community Veronica Mammì. “We want to support with facts the families who find themselves living in the difficulties caused by the pandemic. Our commitment has been constant and will continue to be – he assures -, so that those who experience greater economic fragility feel the support of the administration ».

June 3, 2021


Campidoglio Carta Spesa Roma thousand families

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