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The Andre starts again from Milan, the dates. “From Faber to Monkeys, it’s my leap in species”

The Andre starts again from Milan, the dates. “From Faber to Monkeys, it’s my leap in species”
The Andre starts again from Milan, the dates. “From Faber to Monkeys, it’s my leap in species”

The Andre, stage name chosen for the love of Fabrizio De Andrè, became known thanks to the covers and rewrites of rap, trap and indie songs made with a vocal timbre very similar to that of Faber: with the voice of the Genoese singer-songwriter faced today’s lyrics, it was an instant success. The Andre, named Alberto, surname G, 29, in the autumn published the autobiographical book, in which he recounts his encounter with the world of music, what has happened to him in recent years. It is called Io è unaltra and has a preface by Dori Ghezzi, wife of De Andrè who has always appreciated his work. Evoluzione is his first ep of unreleased songs.

Is this its third evolutionary stage?
«It is the most recent stage: I moved from covers to their translation, that is, I rewrote the songs by rewriting them in my own way in Themagogia – Translating, betraying, trapping, to then get to the unpublished songs. I had some songs ready in which evolution was the common thread ».

Are you referring only to your artistic evolution?
«This is one of the meanings, I also speak of evolution in general in the piece Scimmie (which is then involution). I thought that this should be the first of a series of EPs that would have had animals as protagonists, or characters from literature or philosophy, which are part of a path of evolution in the Darwinian sense. Scimmie is the pilot track of the album, a song far from my acoustic style ».

To quote Monkeys, who is making the revolution today?
“None actually. I hope there is an awakening of my generation, the thirty-forty-year-olds, or that the next generation will make the revolution. So far the leitmotiv of the last thirty years has been to adapt to the existing situation and try to become part of the system instead of trying to change it ».

In Captatio benevolentiae he sings: It is not certain that every Bugo becomes Lucio Dalla. Did this sentence give you problems?
“No. When I wrote it I was in Mescal, the same publisher as Bugo. I know someone asked him if it bothered him, they told me he shrugged. ‘

How do you cultivate your love for Faber today?
«As I have always done, with silent and contemplative listening to what he wrote. I have always been a fan of his, for a series of convergences my project then came out ».

He hides his identity: his name is Alberto, he studied at the University of Milan, and his surname is only a G.
“People who know me know what I do, but this is a dimension that I still like”.

Another thing is known about her: she is from Bergamo. What connection do you have with Milan?
«I am an adopted person, I hope that the affection I feel for this city is mutual. I work here, I live in the provinces. With the pandemic I have seen clubs where I played or frequented close or floundering. I tried to contribute as I could, giving away micro videos and mini live shows, but it’s not that these initiatives have had who knows what value. The only thing to do is to go back to concerts: in this regard, the Evolution Tour will take place ».

In Milan The Andre is on 6 June at the Mash Festival (Ride, scalo Porta Genova). Among other dates, June 26 in Bologna; on 3 July in Comerio (Va); and then Brescia, Lucca, Rome. Until Galzignano (Pd) on 29 September.

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