Conte wants to wear out Draghi but the grillini will devour him

Conte wants to wear out Draghi but the grillini will devour him
Conte wants to wear out Draghi but the grillini will devour him

Eureka. Giuseppe Conte is convinced that he has found the right strategy to return to the protagonist. The former advocate of the Italian people has been aroused a few days ago. And, despite the problems with Davide Casaleggio, he has started to dictate the agenda again. Its long-term aim is to get to early elections immediately after the white semester. To do this, the only way is to wear down Mario Draghi’s government. A game that, however, exposes the lawyer to the risk of internal difficulties. In fact, none of the Five Star MPs want to go home ahead of time. In short, Conte could in turn be worn down by the obstructionism of the Grillini parliamentary groups. However, as proof of the renewed dynamism of Contiano we cite the rumors, reported by some newspapers, which would see an M5s tempted by the risk of giving up Mario Draghi at any moment. A first-level parliamentary source with Il Giornale denies the temptations on the part of the big names and elected officials of Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama: “In the Movement only one wants to leave Draghi and is not in Parliament”. This is, of course, the grillino leader in pectore. The former prime minister is longing for revenge after the political operation that made him move from Palazzo Chigi. Among the Five Stars there are those who argue that his only purpose is to return to Chigi. A difficult dream to realize, if the percentages of the starred correspond in reality to the numbers accredited by the polls. More realistic to think that Conte wants to return to the government, perhaps as a minister. Without haste, but without respite, the path that the new leader of the Movement has in his head should lead to a return to the scene that matters. In such a framework, the scepter of political leader of the party founded by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio would be more than anything else functional to the rise of power. Therefore, many are betting that in the aftermath of the ratification of his leadership, Conte will start the operation of attrition of the majority that supports the former governor of the ECB. The first appointment to mark the distinctions will be the reform of the justice system. We had an appetizer of the determination of the Volturara lawyer with the clarification on the guaranteed apologies of Luigi Di Maio to the former mayor of Lodi Simone Uggetti. Conte drew the line that separates him from the conversion – or maturation – of the Foreign Minister. Guaranteed yes, but not too much.

From 3 August, the beginning of the white semester, there will be six months to unravel the strategy. In order to be ready in February 2022. When the new tenant of the Quirinale will be able to dissolve the Chambers. With Draghi on the highest hill, the polling operation would be simpler. With a different scheme, you will have to force your hand. In between there are the municipal councils in the big cities, on which Conte doesn’t want to put his hat, and the resolution of the dispute with Davide Casaleggio. With the early vote, Conte would shape his M5s. The lists would be chock full of loyalists, while a derogation to the limit of two terms would save only a few super-big.

Like all ambitious plans, that of the next political leader also has its traps. A significant obstacle are the current parliamentary groups, even reluctant to pay the new monthly contribution to the party. If the new leader tried to wear out Draghi, deputies and senators would wear out Conte. “Nobody wants to go home first,” they cut short from the M5s.


Conte wear Draghi grillini devour

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