“Test runs with tourists on board. Even on the day of the massacre” – Libero Quotidiano

“Test runs with tourists on board. Even on the day of the massacre” – Libero Quotidiano
“Test runs with tourists on board. Even on the day of the massacre” – Libero Quotidiano

We talk about “forks seen with passengers on board why the Tadini (the stationmaster) wanted so ” . Disturbing details Those that emerge d ai di minutes of the interrogations To the employees of the cable car of Mottarone chand Domainica 23 maggI and precipitated causing lto the death of fourteen people. AOthers still tell of never having attended a training course, even some say that the test runs to test safety were done with tourists in the cabin. In short, from the minutes reported by Corriere della Sera, a series pop up of irregolarity eaanomalies in the management of the plant. Starting from test run carried out on the day of the massacre . “That morning for the test run, I did not go up alone but with 12 other peoplee, in addition to my colleague Zurich “, declares to investigators Pietro Tarizzo , the operator who on the day of the accident control the ropes. Normally the “test ride”, in which the system is tested and made sure that all functions chorribly, it is carried out only by insiders, but not that morning “why Nerini he told us: the group goes up with you“.

Luigi Nerini , owner d ella Railways del Mottarone , on the morning of May 23, he was in fact at the plant: “C ‘ it was him and Signora Patrizia – goes on Tarizzo – I went to check the tension ropes. I did a visual check by placing a stack on all strands. There were no anomalies. Then we went up with the 12 people on the Mottarone “. Then we know how it went.

In the meantime we try to understand what is the cause of the cable break. The hypothesis is that it could have been the massive and reckless use of the so-called “forks” during the ride of the Stresa Mottarone cable car to have discharged excessive tension on the cable and, therefore, having caused the break at the height of the carriage attachment. The consultants of the Verbania Public Prosecutor’s Office are working on this hypothesis – one among others – to shed light on the causes of the accident. The technical checks are complicated and even more so for access to the inside of the cabin, which is still in place and which can only be removed with a series of precautions.

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Test runs tourists board day massacre Libero Quotidiano

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