Coronavirus, how it was born: the two hypotheses. Silvestri clarifies

The debate on the origin of the coronavirus is still open. The Italian virologist Guido spoke again on the subject Silvestri, a lecturer in the USA at Emory University in Atlanta. In a long post on ‘Facebook’, the expert, who has already spoken on the topic recently, shed light on his previous statements.

The post reads: “I try to clarify this topic which is not only somewhat thorny from a technical point of view, but also prone to be contaminated by political considerations. I state that it is not easy, but I try anyway, because unfortunately there is on this issue so much confusion because of people talking and ranting without understanding anything about virology“.

After having underlined in depth the details of the two hypotheses at stake, the one on a natural origin of the virus and the one according to which it was born in the laboratory, Silvestri commented: “Ultimately, the two hypotheses – origin ‘natural‘e virus di’laboratory‘- I’m at this point both plausible, and anyone who says that one of the two is “certain” (or that it is certainly wrong) makes a claim that is not justified by current knowledge “.

Silvestri again: “As for me, I share word for word what was written in Science just a few days ago by a group of ‘virology giants’, including Pam Bjorkman, Ralph Baric, David Relman, Ruslan Medzhitov, Michael Worobey and various others”.

The Italian virologist then shared the text he translated: “We must take seriously both the hypothesis of natural origin and that of laboratory origin. A valid investigation must be transparent, objective, data-driven, made by experts from various disciplines, subject to independent review, and managed in a way that limits conflicts of interest. Public health agencies and research laboratories must open their archives to the public ”.

How the coronavirus was born: Bassetti’s words

Recently, Matteo Bassetti also spoke about the origin of the coronavirus.

This is the thought of the director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa: “We know that this virus comes from the bat and then passed to man, what was in between we do not yet know. It is difficult to establish this and there is little certainty about the intermediate animal. It’s a quarrel that returns cyclically, but as a scientist I don’t care much. For public health the origin of the virus, whether it comes from a laboratory or a wet market in Wuhan, China, it really doesn’t matter. On the other hand, it is interesting that it never happens again ”.

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