Rome, Giulio is dead: the goose that made everyone smile at Pigneto – Chronicle

Rome, Giulio is dead: the goose that made everyone smile at Pigneto – Chronicle
Rome, Giulio is dead: the goose that made everyone smile at Pigneto – Chronicle

Roma, 3 June 2021 – It was known as Giulio and it was the most famous goose in Pigneto, smell. Those passing by could not help but stop in front of the gray iron gate of a small house in the neighborhood. A greeting, a caress, a photograph: he was the idol of children, always available to give attention to everyone and to snatch a smile to anyone, young and old.

Lots of messages on social media

Giulio was 5 years old and passed away a few days ago. Punfortunately nHis will no longer be heard starnazzate, riots to passers-by, as he approaches them with his beak to the wrought iron gate. Many remember him on social network. “Hi Oca Giulio, we will miss you. The whole neighborhood will miss you, ”writes Susanna on Facebook. “She was sociable, beautiful and always made me laugh with her attentive gaze”, comments Maria Cristina. “Goodbye Giulio, you were the beauty of Pigneto – says Paolo -, the joy of all the children who lined up to greet you ”.

And then Anna: “No, I won’t be able to go that road anymore”. “It lacks too much! This silence is unreal. We hope that now he is swimming happily in a beautiful lake together with many other geese, ”adds Benedetta. Others chirp on Twitter: “For years it represented a symbol of Pigneto. A squeak format security! From today in the neighborhood we have one less friend ”. “We have lost a myth, but more than anything else someone who always managed to snatch a smile”.

There are dozens of them the comments of affection. Finally, there is someone who asks also that one is named after him song, perhaps using some new Roman stornello where Giulio is the protagonist, from start to finish.

Lthe death

In the last few hours, many passers-by had noticed some deterioration in Giulio’s health. The goose was actually not well and neither was the intervention of the veterinarians it was enough to save his life. On his death, however, as often happens for stars, there is more than one theory: someone also speculates that his death was not natural, but that it is attributable to the attack of a flour.

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