Holidays 2021: green pass and tampons. Here’s what you need for travel – Chronicle

Holidays 2021: green pass and tampons. Here’s what you need for travel – Chronicle
Holidays 2021: green pass and tampons. Here’s what you need for travel – Chronicle

Rome, 3 June 2021 – Italy – divided between yellow and white areas e more and more projected towards white – enters the summer season. Such is the desire to return to travel and, also thanks to the vaccination campaign (here we talk about the Open Days), Italians are already booking their summer holidays in their holiday resorts. So what are the rules that we will have to follow in order to travel? Let’s try to extricate ourselves between Green pass (italiano ed europe), tampons, any quarantine obligations.

Visits to relatives and friends: differences in the white and yellow zone

He Green pass

Meanwhile, let’s understand what the National green pass: it is a certificate stating that we are vaccinated, that we have had a (negative) swab in the previous 48 hours or that we have been cured of Covid for no more than six months. Waiting for the electronic pass (which we can also upload on the Io and Immuni apps) for now, the paper certificate issued at the time of vaccination or the one with the result of the swab and the doctor’s certificate of healing is sufficient. As for vaccination, the pass is valid from day 15 from the first dose and for nine months from the second (and here the government Faqs have not been updated – and it is not the only dysfunction – after the DL reopening, still reporting the validity of 6 months).

Different document is the Green pass europeo that we will need (as we will see below) for travel to Europe (here we explain the differences).

The holiday in Italy

Since, as we will see, going abroad is still complicated, the lion’s share will go to this year as well Italy. So let’s see what documents we will need to reach our favorite destination. At the moment all of Italy is white or yellow: so (here the text of the reopening decree) we can move freely for tourism without any limitation (except that which concerns the use of the car with people not living together). Therefore we will be able to go to the beach without green certification. Unless the individual region has expressly provided for more restrictive rules (this is the case, for example, of Sardinia). Green certification which, moreover, we will need if in the meantime (we obviously hope not) the destination region had entered the orange or red zone.

However, we will need the Green pass to participate in weddings, parties or banquets and certain other events. So if we have it better take it with us anyway.

The holiday abroad

Here things get complicated. Let’s start by talking about the countries ofEuropean Union. The European Green pass should be operational by June which will allow us to travel without the current restrictions (for example, the obligation to swab before departure and on return or quarantine). EU member states are at work (here the hypotheses under study). At the moment the only thing to do before planning our trip is to consult the rules in force in each country and the one established by Italy for the return. Continuously updated site is Safe Travel.

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