Coronavirus in the world: vaccines, infections and all the news on the situation

Coronavirus in the world: vaccines, infections and all the news on the situation
Coronavirus in the world: vaccines, infections and all the news on the situation

Infection boom in Brazil

Brazil, one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus in the world, records 95,601 new infections from Covid-19, the highest number since March, and 2,507 deaths. The bulletin indicates how the South American country has reached 16,720,081 confirmed cases and 467,706 deaths related to the coronavirus. The 95,601 positives reported represent the highest figure since last March 25, when there were 100,158 infected, a historic record since the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. The numbers confirm the country – of about 212 million inhabitants – the second in the world with the highest number of deaths, behind the United States, and the third with the highest number of infections, after the United States and India.

New outbreak in China

Alarm for the new outbreak discovered in southern China. Fifteen other cases have been reported in Canton in the southern Chinese province, with a report claiming that the coronavirus variant in the latest outbreak is more transmissible than previous clusters in the country.

Japan donates $ 800 million for vaccines

The country donates $ 800 million to the United Nations-backed vaccine program. AstraZeneca starts deliveries of Thailand-made vaccines and the Sinovac vaccine that brings a Brazilian city back to normal.

California churches are demanding damages for restrictions

The state of California has agreed to pay more than $ 2 million in legal fees in a settlement with churches that contested orders to close the pandemic. Church attorneys who successfully filed their appeal with the US Supreme Court said Wednesday that the state has agreed not to impose stricter restrictions on places of worship than those for commercial activities. Several churches have challenged Governor Gavin Newsom’s restrictions as violations of their First Amendment right to worship.

Vaccines, possible lasting protection

News comes from New York that the world’s leading vaccines can offer lasting protection that reduces the need for frequent boosters. According to scientists, who are finding clues to how the body “remembers” viruses, more research is needed and mutations in the virus are still a wild card. Critical studies are underway and evidence is mounting that immunity from Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines does not depend solely on decreasing antibodies over time.

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