“But why doesn’t Giuseppe talk to Draghi?”. Di Maio’s suspicions about Conte

The foreign minister marks the former prime minister as a man. “If he does not open a dialogue with Palazzo Chigi, the M5s is in the corner”. But the was the people’s advocate foments warfare and looks to Dibba. Objective: to return to the opposition before the administrative flop

With the small circle of his loyalists, concern Luigi Di Maio he shared it days ago, when the outcome of the nomination round had been very disappointing for the M5s. “But why doesn’t Giuseppe talk to Draghi? Does he not understand that if he does not open a dialogue with him, we will not achieve anything? ”. Question that ended early to feed a suspicion, in truth: because the observation of the Foreign Minister is so banal, that everyone immediately thought that Conte’s resentment for his successor is not dictated by a lack of intelligence, an excess of malice.

He has noticed that there is some method in this apparent nonsense of attitudes Alfonso Bonafede, who is also a privileged confidant of the premier. Because perhaps Di Maio’s guaranteeing apostasy came unexpectedly for many, in the M5s, but the post with which Conte reiterated the verb of intransigence had the effect of invoking him, the former Keeper of the seals, shrunken in this uncomfortable position of those who must defend the reform that bears its name from a majority that, from the Democratic Party to the League, is marching together towards its dismantling. He had thought of facilitating a meeting between Marta Cartabia and the Count himself, Bonafede: this, moreover, several of his fellow deputies suggested to him. Instead, the conviction that many have matured, both inside and outside the Montecitorio Justice Commission, is that the former people’s advocate would not mind a worsening of the clash, for now still preliminary, on maintaining the statute of limitations.

The other epicenter of Contiano discontent is the environment. E ‘on issues related to ecology that those who speak every day with the former premier expect to be able to “pick Draghi”. A guerrilla fought in the name of orthodoxy, in short, and which not by chance also aims to recompose the fracture between Conte and that splinter wing that recognizes itself in the shamanic extremism of Dibba, also to be involved in the new project of the Volturara jurist to which it is no coincidence that yesterday he offered a side: “If the M5s gives up Draghi, I am willing to postpone even the limit of the two terms”. Conte, in essence, wants to foment an escalation of tension with the government, and with Draghi in this case, in order to reach the break at the beginning of August, at the inauguration of the white semester.

Returning to the opposition, taking back “the votes that are ours and that are now over at Meloni”: this is the project, which even the minister looks favorably on Stefano Patuanelli. “Because having developed a culture of government does not mean that we must remain in government at any cost”, Paola Taverna also repeats, finding easy consensus even among people like Gianluca Perilli and Ettore Licheri. Which testifies, moreover, of how the grillina anger against Draghi feeds on and becomes gangrenous mostly in the corridors of Palazzo Madama. To the opposition, then? Certainly, if the move has to be made, it must be implemented before the administrative session in October: the one that, in the predictable defeat of the M5s, could mark Conte’s unfortunate debut as leader, and grant Di Maio an easy weapon of criticism of the premier.

  • Valerio Valentini

  • Born in L’Aquila, in 1991. Grew up in Collemare, up there in the Apennines. Classical high school diploma, degree in modern literature at the University of Trento. Al Foglio since 2017. I wrote a book, “Gli 80 di Camporammaglia”, published by Laterza, with which I won the Campiello Opera Prima award in 2018. I like good books and good cinema. And cycling, everything, even the bad one.

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