In Milan opens the Oasi Ca ‘Granda, the first rural in Italy

In Milan opens the Oasi Ca ‘Granda, the first rural in Italy
In Milan opens the Oasi Ca ‘Granda, the first rural in Italy

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On the occasion of the national reopening, the Oasi Ca ‘Granda opens its doors in June in the Adda and Ticino areas, near Milan. It is the first Italian rural oasis, let’s get to know it

There is a desire to start again, not only for the economic aspect, also for that socio-cultural. The museums, exhibitions and cinemas have reopened and finally we return to breathe an air of culture and given the arrival of summer, we will return to breathe in the fresh air.

Precisely in this context of reopening to life, culture and nature, the 19 and 20 June the doors of theOasis Ca ‘Granda which extends along a path, little known, surrounded by nature just outside Milan.

The activities are numerous, wandering through the fields, savoring traditional cuisine in farmhouses and typical trattorias, buying local products at km0, getting to know the flora and fauna of the area and flying in a balloon over the Milanese plains.

For history lovers, abbeys, monasteries, castles, farmhouses and villages that populate the area will be marked along the itinerary from Ticino to Adda.

For sports enthusiasts, there are numerous routes for both walkers and cyclists. There will also be events dedicated to horse riding and canoe adventures along the waterways.

In short, there is something for everyone. But it does not end here, because in addition to enhancing the heritage of the Milanese area, the Ca ‘Granda Heritage Foundation wants to offer the possibility of training for the little ones through educational workshops and campuses.

A nice initiative to allow young and old to discover and rediscover a territory left aside from metropolis and its skyscrapers. The Ca ‘Granda Foundation promotes a fundamental message, looking to the future by enhancing the history and cultures of our socio-environmental heritage.

If we look at the history ofCa ‘Granda hospital, born in 1456, has always been his mission welcome and treat everyone, starting with the most fragile. For this reason, now more than ever, this mission also branches out on the social aspect to help everyone, young and old, to overcome the terrible scar of the pandemic.

(Text written by Filippo Casè)

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