the scam that deceives users about the vaccine

The scam still runs on Whatsapp, what is surprising is the mode chosen this time by the attackers on duty.

Whatsapp (Adobe)

The fraud it has no boundaries, every weak point of the potential victim must be exploited, every sensitive part of whoever wants to hit must be discovered in order to make the most of it. In recent months the Chronicles they have accustomed us to all kinds of scams. Italian post offices, banks, everything and more of everything. The links through which the victims are guided to bogus pages from which they can get information precious, the sms of the incoming packages, the scam of the gifts at the supermarket, everything and more of everything in the true sense of the word.

Today the last frontier, given the current times and the Italians’ fear of covid. The vaccine rush seems to be the only weapon in the hands of citizens to be able to defend and return to life as before, without restrictions, without special precautions, without the fear of being infected or to live in complete isolation, segregated at home, with exits and entrances in every place quota. This is one of the greatest fears of Italians, at least today.

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Whatsapp and vaccine: our sensitive data resold to the highest bidder

The last frontier, as it was said, represents the covid, and it is there that we play on the fear of the people. A clearly dummy link that runs on Whatsapp. How to sign up to get your own vaccine dose. Playing with the sensitivity of the Italians today is something absolutely monstrous. Provide a link and promise to register with the platform responsible for taking charge of the vaccine request.

Once inside the link, therefore, the victim will believe they have entered one of the regional platforms for registration for membership for the vaccine, instead it will only have entered a context virtual virtual where he will be asked for a series of data that will not be used at all to register for the vaccine, but only to provide the scammers with material to resell the highest bidder. Advertising agency and so on. All this to the detriment of the user who will believe he has finally registered with the vaccine platform.

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So you have to be careful in every way, not to trust appearances especially on the web and do not trust the messages that seem to arrive from recipients and trusted and instead are nothing but chains artfully created to confuse people and make them trust something they don’t even know. The web can be terrible, and we have an obligation to know how to recognize every danger.

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