Waste in Rome, collection haywire on the bridge: garbage out of the bins

Waste in Rome, collection haywire on the bridge: garbage out of the bins
Waste in Rome, collection haywire on the bridge: garbage out of the bins

Full bins, bags ofgarbage abandoned on the street, citizens forced to take long walks to look for collection containers differentiated with spaces available. From Montesacro to Pigneto, from San Lorenzo to Aurelio, the situation of the waste in Rome these days it has returned to turn towards the critical level.

A partly predictable problem, given the long bridge between the last weekend of May and the Republic Day, but which is part of a phase of confrontation between the Capitol and the Region precisely on the disposal of garbage in the Capital: with the Pisana who asked to find the spaces for the necessary plants (and the new landfill) in the municipal area of ​​the Eternal City and the Capitol which does not want to know.

Rome, in Settebagni the “door to door” waste flop. And the Ama puts the bins back

Many reports have come from the readers of Il Messaggero: from the ordinary degradation of parks and public areas to the bags of waste abandoned almost everywhere, without even a simulacrum of separate waste collection remains. From Trastevere to the African quarter, the garbage collection continues to trudge, while trucks outside the Tmb remain stuck in long lines, because the plants sip the contributions. And the reopening does not facilitate the situation: just think of the protest of the restaurateurs, forced to keep the waste for a long time because thebut fails to collect them daily.

Rome waste, no from three regions to the garbage of the capital: without a site it is an emergency

L’Ama, for its part, tries to put some reinforcements on the field. “Other 19 light vehicles with compaction system for waste collection have been delivered to the various operational offices and are being used on the road – the company in via Calderon de la Barca announced in a note – And the first 45 ecological operators, qualified and with experience, full-time employees in sweeping, waste collection and protection of urban decorum activities ». But June 2 this year was full of bins everywhere. And, with another weekend just around the corner, the situation could get even worse.



Waste Rome collection haywire bridge garbage bins

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