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ground pressure predicted according to Ecmwf

May 31-June 6: the high pressure now takes over the Peninsula with a promontory that extends from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia where the positive thermal anomalies will also be greater. A stable and mostly sunny phase is expected with rising temperatures, especially in the maximum values. Some phenomena are not excluded on the diurnal evolving reliefs. Tendency to attenuation of the pressure field in the North at the end of the period.

scenario at 500 hPa according to Ecmwf

7-13 June: a retreat of the anticyclone towards the west is expected; the maximum geopotential at 500 hPa between Great Britain and Scandinavia and the minimum between the Balkans and the Aegean are compatible with the insertion of fresh currents from the northern quadrants into the Mediterranean. A new increase in instability in Italy therefore appears possible, especially during the central hours of the day; thermal drop with values ​​that will go below average, in particular on the North East and southern regions. Below thermal average more marked on Eastern Europe especially on the Black Sea area.

scenario at 500 hPa according to Ecmwf
scenario at 500 hPa according to Ecmwf

June 14-20. June, given the ECMWF model, would continue with theto the possibility of introducing fresh northern currents, responsible for conditions of instability in the Center-South. Scenario compatible with anticyclones leaning against Western Europe. Temperatures below average, especially on the eastern and southern slopes.

scenario at 500 hPa according to Ecmwf
scenario at 500 hPa according to Ecmwf

June 21-27. Possible increase in pressure between the Atlantic, Western Europe and part of the Mediterranean; some tail of perturbation linked to a northern European circulation to affect the Peninsula, especially the eastern slopes. Given the temporal distance, the reliability is low.

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anticyclone struggles impose latest indications JUNE trend Meteo

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