Covid, vaccines for all age groups are starting today: how it works

Covid, vaccines for all age groups are starting today: how it works
Covid, vaccines for all age groups are starting today: how it works

From today, regardless of the age group they belong to, everyone can undergo the anti-Covid vaccination. Here’s how, Region by Region, to book

“From tomorrow (today, ed) everyone will be able to book the anti-Covid vaccine. We can still accelerate our campaign to get through this difficult season. Happy Republic Day to all “: thus the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, on Facebook. Meanwhile, yesterday at the hub of the Bologna Fair, over 5,000 people lined up for the first Emilia-Romagna open day to get vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson but the doses were 1200 and tension was created among the people in line, some of them felt ill and were rescued. The carabinieri intervened to restore calm.

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“We have passed 250 million vaccinations in the EU and over 80 million Europeans are fully vaccinated: we are on track to target 70% of adults vaccinated in July“: This is what the President of the EU Commission announced, Ursula von der Leyen. “The freedom to move is a freedom dear to Europeans, one of the EU’s greatest achievements, but several crises have shown us that we cannot take Schengen for granted,” he added.

Covid, vaccines for all age groups are starting today: what to do to get vaccinated

“From the 3 June a letter will be issued giving the possibility to all the Regions and Autonomous Provinces to open the vaccinations for all age groups following the plan and using all the vaccination points, including the company “. These were the words with which the Commissioner for the coronavirus emergency, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, communicated the date of vaccinations for all. What, then, are the procedure to follow to book the appointment to undergo the vaccination? The answer varies from region to region:

Valle d’Aosta

To book vaccination in Valle d’Aosta from 3 June, you can go to the website dedicated to health care, managed by the Autonomous Region. If the help of an operator is deemed necessary, the number to contact is 0165 544825.


In Piedmont you can express your membership through the portal, even if you are between 30 and 39 years old. From 3 June, the audience of those entitled to a dose will also extend to young people aged 16 to 29. Within 48 hours you will receive a text message or an email communicating the day, time and place of the appointment.


Reservations can be made via toll-free number (800 894 545); online (at; through the ATMs of the Lombardy Post Office; by postman, on the occasion of the next time a package is delivered.

Autonomous Province of Trento

To make an appointment, the dedicated portal is that of the CUP.

Autonomous Province of Bolzano

To communicate your membership, there are two main ways: the dedicated website and toll-free numbers (0472 973850 e 0471 100999) active from 8 to 16, from Monday to Friday.


A specific site is online on which to make a reservation. Alternatively, you can call the number 800 462 340.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

You can communicate your membership online (on the site dedicated to the vaccination campaign) at the CUP counters of health companies, in authorized pharmacies or through the regional call center at 0434 223522, active from Monday to Friday from 7 to 19 and Saturday from 8 to 14.


You can book by calling the toll-free number 800 938 883, also useful for reporting any misunderstandings. The call center is active from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 16. Membership can also be communicated at the pharmacies that carry out the Cup service.

Emilia Romagna

The vaccine can be booked by members of the enabled categories via the online platform or other channels starting June 4th. Among these also the pharmacies. The nearest authorized pharmacy to home can be searched through an archive accessible from the web, while for telephone numbers, reference should always be made to the Local Health Authority of the province of belonging.


The methods chosen provide above all the possibility of communicating via the internet one’s adherence to the prophylaxis campaign through the dedicated portal. An innovative regional system for last minute bookings started on the evening of May 31st (accessible here). It is in fact the first service of its kind on a national scale, which will make available to anyone who has not yet received the first dose the places left free for the following day.


For voice assistance, useful for the procedure to be carried out online anyway, it is necessary to call800 192 835. The service is active from 8 to 20 every day, including holidays.


It is possible to book through the portal made available to the regions by Poste Italiane. There is also a toll-free number: 800.00.99.66, active every day from 8 to 20.


By means of a health card, it is possible to communicate your membership via the internet, but if the assistance of an operator is deemed necessary, for booking or for any cancellations, the number to contact is 06 164161841, active from Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 7.30pm, and Saturday from 7.30am to 1pm. It is also possible to book the vaccine for the age groups active in the system through the SaluteLazio App, available on the App Store and Google Play.


The portal to communicate your membership is that of Poste Italiane, in case of difficulty, then, it will be possible to call the toll-free number 800 00 99 66.


As for all other regions, the booking procedure must be done online, but Molise has made available a series of email addresses corresponding to each of the eligible categories. The number is also available 0874 1866000, available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday from 9am to 12pm. After booking, an SMS will inform the candidate about the day and time of the appointment.


Campania opens to reservations for all age groups from 10pm on 2 June via the regional health website.


How can I book? It depends on the category. Workplaces, general practitioners, a toll-free number (800 713931), active from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 20 and the pharmacies accredited to the FarmaCUP service. It is also possible to fill in a form if the online procedure, the main one, is impossible to complete.


Basilicata also uses the platform made available to the regions by Poste Italiane. There is also in this case a toll-free number (800.00.99.66) active from Monday to Sunday from 8 to 20.


Calabria also refers to the Poste Italiane platform. A toll-free number is also available to citizens (800 76 76 76) and an email address: [email protected]. It is also possible to book by sending an SMS with the tax code to the number 339 9903947. Within 48-72 hours you will be contacted by an operator to proceed by telephone to choose the place and set the date of the appointment verbally. The service is available 24 hours a day and has no additional costs.


The platform is once again that of Poste Italiane which has made available to the Region its own network of ATM Postamat, postmen and a number for SMS (339 9903947) to which you can send your tax code. Within 48-72 hours, you will then be contacted to proceed with the choice of the place and date of the appointment. The service is available 24 hours a day at no additional cost. A toll-free number is also available to candidates: 800 00 99 66, active only from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18.


You can book by contacting the call center, by calling800 009 966, number active every day from 8 to 20, by going to the ATMs of the post offices or by contacting the postmen.

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