2021 holidays abroad? Different rules in Greece, Spain, France, Croatia (and the first green zones appear)

2021 holidays abroad? Different rules in Greece, Spain, France, Croatia (and the first green zones appear)
2021 holidays abroad? Different rules in Greece, Spain, France, Croatia (and the first green zones appear)

Greece, Spain or Croatia? Travel and holidays, there are those who will not give up going abroad. So far ten European countries have adopted the green vaccine certificate. The EU Commission has already presented the platform that will allow the validation of digital certificates. In Italy, the certificate can be obtained in several ways: it appears in the electronic health record, in the Io and Immuni apps. You can also get it through your GP, pediatrician or pharmacist.

But how does it work now if I want to go abroad?

Are swabs, quarantine, self isolation still needed? Yes. In order not to undergo all this you need only one thing: the Green pass which becomes operational from 1 July and will be a real passepartout because it is free from any restriction 14 days after the second dose of vaccine (if two doses are foreseen), or 14 days after administration of a single-dose vaccine. Green light, in short, if the vaccination cycle is completed. Attention, there is nothing certain. This of Green Pass that avoids quarantines and tests 14 days after full vaccination is a proposal from the European Commission to standardize the procedures for moving in all countries that are now different (the European Council has recommended this since October). To say: there are countries that to welcome tourists also accept vaccination certificates with the administration of vaccines not authorized by the European Union.

Before a final decision in the European context, to travel, it is still necessary to demonstrate the healing, the negative result of the tampon or the vaccination.

But let’s see what the European Commission has in mind.

The Commission, by virtue of the decline in infections and the vaccination campaign, wants to gradually ease the travel measures. However, he also wants to introduce a “emergency brake“that allows us to respond promptly to outbreaks of variants that may prevail. But the climate is positive: «The goal is the safe and coordinated reopening of European companies in the coming weeks. As vaccination proceeds faster and faster, there is the certainty that free movement without restrictions and in safe conditions can gradually be restored.He said Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety.

«Today we have passed 250 million vaccinations in the EU. And more than 80 million Europeans are now fully vaccinated»Announced the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. “We are on track to achieve our goal: to provide enough doses to vaccinate 70% of the EU’s adult population in July,” adds von der Leyen.

The situation to date (June 2, 2021)

Travel without restrictions only if:

– 14 days have passed since the last dose and you are therefore in possession of a vaccination certificate compliant with EU digital COVID certificate, should be able to travel without the need for testing or quarantine. The same exemption, in the intentions of the Commission, it should apply to people cured of coronavirus who have received one of two doses of a two-dose vaccine. «A Member State which also accepts proof of vaccination in other situations in order to exempt from the restrictions on freedom of movement, for example after the administration of the first dose of a bidose vaccine, should also accept, under the same conditions, the vaccination certificate with a vaccine against Covid-19“, it is read.

– within 180 days following a positive molecular swab, people recovered from the coronavirus in possession of a certificate compliant with the EU digital COVID certificate they should be able to travel without the need for testing or quarantine.

– travelers in possession of a valid test certificate, compliant with the EU digital Covid certificate, should be exempted from any quarantine obligations. The Commission proposes a uniform duration of validity for tests: 72 hours for molecular swabs and, if the Member State accepts them, 48 hours for rapid antigen tests.

European green pass for travel, the EU: “No tests and quarantines for vaccinated”. How long does it last after the last dose and for the recovered

The color system:

from green areas no limitation is proposed;
from the orange areas: possible obligation to carry out a preliminary test on departure (rapid or molecular antigenic);
from the red areas: possible quarantine obligation in the absence of a preliminary test at departure (rapid antigenic or PCR);
from dark red areas: non-essential journeys to be strongly discouraged; testing and quarantine still required.

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As it is now (everyone has their own rules)

From Italy to Greece: you have to fill in a modulo, exhibit a vaccination certificate against Covid-19 and a period of 14 days must have elapsed since the second dose (or single dose, for Johnson & Johnson vaccine). Acceptable vaccines are: Pfizer BioNtech, Moderna, Astra Zeneca / Oxford, Novavax, Johnson & Johnson / Janssen, Sinovac Biotech, Gamaleya (Sputnik), Cansino Biologics, Sinopharm. Or you have to exhibit the negative result of a molecular test for Covid-19, carried out within 72 hours before entering Greece (children under the age of 5 are exempted). If none of the above options are possible and if you are sick with Covid, you can show a certificate of recovery in the last 9 months issued by a public authority or a certified laboratory. Another option is a positive molecular PCR test result certificate, which confirms that the holder recovered from the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, performed at least 2 months prior to arrival, and no later than 9 months prior to arrival. .

From Italy to Croatia: you have to fill in a very simple online form in which you can already communicate with which identity and health document you enter. Travelers – regardless of their citizenship – coming from areas not classified as “green” on the European map can enter Croatia without isolation only in the following cases: negative rapid or molecular test, vaccination certificate showing that the second dose of vaccine Covid-19 (or single dose for Johnson & Johnson) was received more than 14 days prior to crossing the state border. If, on the other hand, a person has recovered from Covid, has a medical certificate and has been vaccinated with at least one dose of vaccine after recovery, the exemption from isolation is extended up to 5 months after vaccination.

From Italy to Spain: you have to fill in a form, there is no quarantine, the documents to enter must be translated into Spanish, English, German or French. T.All travelers arriving from high-risk areas by air or sea are subject toobligation to have a negative Covid-19 test before departure. As of March 30, the same requirement is imposed on travelers crossing the land border between France and Spain. Only those who work in the transport sector and cross-border workers will be exempted, along with those who live in the border area (as long as they remain within a radius of 30 kilometers from their location).

The test (rapid or molecular) must be done within 72 hours prior to arrival. Children under 6 are exempted. This certificate or supporting documentation must be in the original version and must be written in Spanish, English, German or French. If it is not possible to obtain it in these languages, the certificate or supporting documentation must be accompanied by a translation into Spanish, carried out by an official body. It can be presented in paper or electronic format.

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From Italy to France: all travelers must show a negative swab prior to departure. The test must be done within 72 hours prior to arrival. If a test cannot be performed in the country of departure, it is possible to ask the French Embassy or Consulate for a specific document called “RT-PCR test exemption”. In this case, you will be tested on arrival and a mandatory 7-day quarantine it will have to be completed in an accommodation facility validated by the public authorities, with a further test at the end of the isolation period. Children under 11 are exempt. Even in the case of Covid-19 symptoms, travelers will need to be quarantined or isolated.

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